Basic look at Quick-Step vs Balterio laminate flooring

Ok, so you’re looking for a good quality laminate floor and you’ve inevitably ran into the name Quick-Step and Balterio, and understandably so. Here we’re going to compare these two laminate floors without going into to much detail and try to make your life and decision easier..

A close up of the balterio liberty oak laminate floor.When considering a quality laminate floor as a customer you’ll have these questions. How much? Will it last? What colours are available? This is where the problem comes when comparing Quick-step and balterio.

Across the ranges there really isn’t that much difference between the cost. They will both last without a shadow of a doubt unless they’re miss treated. They both have a huge range of colours and textures available.

All this means a comparison from a lay person’s perspective is an extremely hard thing to do and often people get bombarded with information overload from retailers and packaging jargon with each manufacturer having a different spin on the way they approach their marketing.

Let me re-assure you so this whole process can be made easier. From their very basic ranges to their most expensive, Quick-Step and Balterio are excellent. Rarely do I get a problem with either brand. I don’t get plank faults and I don’t even find damage due to poor delivery. They’re packaged very well and are both strong enough and made with high quality materials to last.

Quick-step nat varn oak in kitchenYou may have wanted me to really put these two laminate floors face to face in the ring to see which came out on top. Well I’m sorry, whenever I get asked by a customer which they should choose, my overwhelming reply has always been to choose the one they like the look of most and matches the budget. Obviously with some thought as to the room it will be installed to pick the right grade.

As a basic tip for anyone trying to work out what you should spend and what grade, try to break it down into three categories. Find out the cheapest ranges and associate that with low use areas like bedrooms or perhaps a study. Find the middle costing ranges and associate that with medium to high traffic areas like hallways or perhaps lounges. Lastly, find the dearest ranges and associate that with a nuclear fallout like a kitchen or perhaps any areas that get more traffic than the M25 in rush hour or any time of day for that matter.

Quick-Step and Balterio really are at the top of the game when it comes to domestic laminate floors. There’s not a lot that can touch them and it’s been that way for many years.

If I had my hand held behind my back to put either ahead of the other I would have to edge in favour of Quick-Step by a whisker. The only reason for that is down to the locking system. The planks can be locked together whilst laid flat. Balterio requires an angle or the boards to be lifted before they will lock in. The main advantage of this comes in when installing the laminate boards under a door frame or low fixed objects.

To compare Quick-Step to Balterio is like comparing a Porche to a Ferrari. They are both made with extremely high spec technology, have amazing performance and do the job and do it well! Although they both have minor subtle technical and cosmetic differences, the question really pivots on what colour and texture do you prefer, as neither will put up a fight when being installed and either will last for years to come..

We tend to always want a winner and loser, but sometimes products and even people come along that aren’t the same but are also no better or no worse and this battle has no champion. All will boil down to your choice and here, we have a win win ladies and gentlemen.

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