Best tools for cutting floor beading

Many people prefer to install their own wood type flooring. Whether be it for a laminate, engineered, or solid wood floor. Time and time again I see a relatively good job of the flooring itself but often, well, let’s not mess about here, every time I see the beading (some refer to this as ‘Scotia’) has been hacked in and looks terrible!! For me it’s a complete waste when people stumble over the last hurdle. The finishing touches are what people see first and what matter. The main issue with diy’ers is choosing the wrong tool for this task..

I find a diy’er will either go over board or under board. Let me explain. Being a tradesman I’ve been in thousands of houses over the years. I see two specific tools over and over again and I know exactly how the client has installed their beading/scotia. The first is a huge compound mitre saw. The second is a manual mitre saw..

Compound mitre sawHuge compound mitre saw (Over board)

massive compound mitre saw is all very well. It’s great for large timber projects and even installing the flooring itself. However, they have the finesse of a Rhino trying to squeeze through a cat flap. They’re big and bulky, not to mention pretty pricey! For the amount of times a diy’er will use one, compared to the size and expense, they’re like impulse buying a caravan! You’ll use it once or twice a year if you’re lucky, but you’ll certainly know it’s there by its shear size!

manual mitre sawThe manual mitre saw (Under board)

I’m semi confident these things were sent directly from hell just to mess with our heads. I’ve heard some say they give an excellent cut to beading, well, they don’t! They’re rubbish. If I was to use a manual mitre saw on a paid job, I wouldn’t expect to get paid. They’re slow! They clog up and jam as saw dust sticks to the pre-greased sliding rails. They’re stressful and don’t give a refined finish to any small timber/moulding/beading/scotia. The only saving grace is they’re small and lightweight, easy to move around.

Von haus mitre sawThe best tools for cutting floor beading/scotia

My solution to you, is a combination or hybrid of the two saws. Best of both worlds so to speak.

A miniature compound mitre saw!! They’re an absolute game changer. As a professional, I’ve been using this type of machine for over fifteen years. They’re small and lightweight (Around 6 kg), easy to move around and you won’t even know it’s they’re when you’ve packed it away. They don’t clog up as they’re not on rails, just a simple up/down chop.

They’re cheap! In comparison to a half decent large mitre saw costing anything upwards of £200, and a manual mitre saw costing upwards of £25. At between approximately £40 and £65, the small power mitre saw is clearly a winner on the pocket and great value for money!

They’re versatile, not just ideal for beading/scotia as they tend to have a cutting span of around four inches. Architrave, not a problem. Four inch skirting/base board, not a problem. Best of all, they have finesse, giving a crisp neat finish to your beading/scotia.

A miniature compound mitre saw really is an excellent purchase! As a diy’er, you’ll get far better millage and bang for your buck that either of the over and under board options above. What are you waiting for??

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