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Here we’ll be looking different ways to improve and transform a room focussing on the windows. Including the best and alternative ways to dress them using several easy to install products..

Living Room Window Treatments.

If your living room is looking a little drab and unwelcoming, the solution could be as simple as updating your window treatments. Too many people don’t take account of the available light and position of their home when dressing their windows and this can mean precious natural light is lost, making rooms feel dingy and dark. Broadly speaking, window treatments can be split into two categories, soft and hard and this article discusses both.

Hard treatments are things such as wooden shutters and blinds. They tend to be more permanent than soft treatments and installing or replacing them requires more work. Shutters will usually be professionally fitted, but wooden blinds can be installed by homeowners themselves if desired.

Shutters are a great choice for homes exposed to constant bright sunlight. Common in warmer countries, such as those of southern Europe, shutters are more popular in the UK for their aesthetic appeal rather than their practical usage. They are very effective at keeping heat out of your home on hot days and some types offer complete darkness when closed. They aren’t practical for very large windows and can be very expensive if you want to fit them in your whole home.

Wooden blinds are a far cheaper and equally aesthetically pleasing option. If your windows are a standard size, you can buy them ready made and fit them yourself. If you have unusually large or small windows, you will need to have them specially made. This doesn’t necessarily cost much more than off-the-peg blinds and it is worth ensuring the perfect fit. Many suppliers will fit your blinds for you for an additional fee, but if you are reasonably DIY savvy, you should be able to fit them yourself. Wooden slatted blinds are excellent for diffusing light into a room. If you want to keep out bright sunlight but still allow light in, tilting the blind slats upwards will direct the light to the ceiling so the room remains light without glare from the sun. On duller days, tilting the slats downwards directs the available light into the room where it is most needed.

Fabric blinds, very pleasing on the eye and often less clumsy to open and close using an easy pull cord. A great choice.Soft window treatments are curtains and fabric blinds. These are easier to install and, although you can have them professionally fitted, most people choose to do it themselves. Fabric blinds often come ready-made and styles such as roller blinds are easy to cut to size with a small hacksaw if needed. Available in an array of finishes and colours, they are a good option in small rooms or in homes where a lack of space is an issue. As they run flush to the window, they don`t take up any extra space. Vertical fabric blinds are popular if you want to allow light into your room but maintain some privacy as they can be left slightly open, meaning you let light in but no-one can see in. If your living room doesn’t get much natural light, fabric blinds that can be fully opened, such as a roller blind, can be a good option.

Eyelet curtains and a luxurious choice with a modern feel and can really make a statement about any room. Choose your colour wisely to compliment a room theme.

Curtains instantly soften a room and can add warmth to a living space. Their big advantage is that they are easy to change and you can give your living room an instant makeover simply by swapping curtains. Curtains traditionally had a wooden pelmet over the curtain track but these are becoming less popular now. Eyelet curtains have grown in popularity in recent years as they operate more smoothly than track curtains and the lack of a pelmet stops dust collecting. Eyelet curtains run along a pole and as poles are available in a range of materials, colours and styles, it is easy to find the perfect match for your living room.

Whether you choose shutters, blinds, voile drapes or eyelet curtains, you can enhance any room with the right window dressing.

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