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BerryAlloc Parquet Review

This is not a sponsored article, and is my honest opinion. BerryAlloc seems to be some what of an unknown or not widely recognized brand here in the UK. It being more popular on the continent. We’ve installed a decent

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Finding the perfect flooring option for you

No matter what catches your eye when you walk in a room, the floor beneath your feet is a hugely important feature. From safety options to authentic wood, what you’re standing on can have a huge impact on your comfort

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Ted Todd Calico Engineered Wood Floor Installation – Start to Finish

As with some of my other articles, please be warned, this is a LONG write up showing the processes of installing this particular floor covering, in a particular circumstance, using a full bond method of installation. I’ll be noting all

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Top 7 Benefits of an engineered wood floor

Nobody thought choosing a wood floor for a property would be hard work, but it is..It really is!! No doubting you’ve come up against one of the main options available to you, engineered wood flooring. As an installer of such

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Bealea engineered wood floor Installers review

Bealea engineered wood flooring, sold exclusively by FlooringVillage, is relatively new to the market. As you’ll no doubt be well aware by now, the engineered wood flooring market is vast to say the least! Therefore, any help you can get

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Laminate Vs Engineered Wood Flooring

When choosing a wood floor covering, laminate and engineered flooring often fall closely together as they can be similar in price, thickness, and method of installation. Let’s look at the differences and throw some light over this subject making the

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First look at Baelea engineered wood flooring

Baelea engineered wood flooring is a brand new range sold exclusively by I recently requested sample boards from them so I could take a look and see if it would be a product I could recommend to my clients

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What’s best 1 Strip or 3 strip engineered wood flooring

Choosing an engineered wood floor can be daunting! I get asked questions on a daily basis and one question that pops up all the time is this..What’s best, one strip or three strip engineered wood flooring? It really isn’t good

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The benefits of Galleria Elite Golden Colonial engineered wood flooring

You’re likely here because you’re firmly in the daunting task of deciding which type of wood floor you should go for! Often it’s a confusing question to ask, solid wood or engineered? As soon as you start to look around,

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Bolefloor – Curv8 Video Introduction

Bolefloor have entered the wood flooring industry by storm!! Now with the introduction of the Curv8 range, they’ve brought this outstanding wood floor product in a purchase off the shelf style. Simply put, there’s no need for specialist estimators!! Although

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