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Knee pads for the diy’er or tradesman review

Installing wood floors for twenty years does something to you! It develops an inane fetish for knee pads! This is largely due to the pain us installers go through. With that, I’m constantly looking at different types of knee pads

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How to get a perfect silicone/sealant lines for the pro or diy’er

For the diy’er and even the professional, the task of getting a perfect silicone/sealant line can be near impossible. As a tradesman of over seventeen years, I know this fact all to well! A silicone/sealant line is almost always a

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practical guide to choosing a wood floor

Over the past fifteen years, as a wood floor installer I’ve noticed how people tend to pick a wood floor for their homes. This decision normally starts with the stand point that anything we see in the shops or online

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What Tool Can Be Used To Cut A Door Frame Ready For Wood Flooring

One of the absolute necessities of a neat professional finish when installing a solid wood, engineered or laminate floor is the ability to cut into door frames and architraves so the flooring can be neatly slid under. This is by

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Vitrex Premier Wood Floor Underlay Review And Fibre Board Comparison

Wood floor underlay is an extremely important factor when considering a floating wood floor. Vitrex have introduced their premium underlay to accommodate the need for a quality wood floor underlay, but is it any good and how does it compare

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Steam Cleaning A Laminate Floor Risky Business

I was recently asked by a client if they could steam clean their new laminate floor? My heart sank, and with an emotional yelp, I replied NO! However, I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to live in the

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Prevent surface water from damaging your engineered wood or laminate floor

As a professional installer of over 15 years, I’ve seen a lot of engineered and laminate floors damaged by water and clients unnecessarily needing to replace their wood floor covering. In this article I’ll be looking at one pre-emptive method to

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Quick-Step 5 in 1 Incizo Profile Review

Quick-Step laminate flooring has an amazing reputation, but rarely talked about is the Quick-Step 5 in 1 Incizo profile. In this review you’ll get the raw insight from a professional installers perspective and I’ll also be comparing other door threshold

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Guide to wood flooring underlay

Vitrex premium underlay review

When considering a wood based floor covering you may require an underlay. Let’s look at the different types and explain a little about each.. The only situations that underlays are needed is when a floating floor is being installed. A floating

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Stair Makeover Step by Step Using Quick-Step Laminate flooring

In this guide we will go through step by step, how to install a laminate floor covering on stairs. We have included a full set of pictures showing the different stages of the process.  If you’re considering having a stair

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