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Can a wood floor be fitted beneath skirting boards without removing them?

Everyone wants a crisp neat look to their wood floor. To achieve this, by far the best way is to have the wood floor fitted beneath the skirting boards. The alternative being with the use of a moulding or beading

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Bealea engineered wood floor Installers review

Bealea engineered wood flooring, sold exclusively by FlooringVillage, is relatively new to the market. As you’ll no doubt be well aware by now, the engineered wood flooring market is vast to say the least! Therefore, any help you can get

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Laminate Vs Engineered Wood Flooring

When choosing a wood floor covering, laminate and engineered flooring often fall closely together as they can be similar in price, thickness, and method of installation. Let’s look at the differences and throw some light over this subject making the

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About Series 10mm Natural Oak Laminate Flooring

One of the all time classics in the world of laminate flooring has to be Natural Oak. Why? Because of it’s longevity! Oak goes with any colour scheme meaning it will work with whatever changes you make to your decor

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Win an underfloor heating kit ends February 2014

We’ve had a fantastic year from the outset and with the incorporation of social media into the business, giving us the huge benefit of directly interacting with people and other tradesmen, and it’s been a real eye opening year as

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What’s best 1 Strip or 3 strip engineered wood flooring

Choosing an engineered wood floor can be daunting! I get asked questions on a daily basis and one question that pops up all the time is this..What’s best, one strip or three strip engineered wood flooring? It really isn’t good

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practical guide to choosing a wood floor

Over the past fifteen years, as a wood floor installer I’ve noticed how people tend to pick a wood floor for their homes. This decision normally starts with the stand point that anything we see in the shops or online

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The benefits of Galleria Elite Golden Colonial engineered wood flooring

You’re likely here because you’re firmly in the daunting task of deciding which type of wood floor you should go for! Often it’s a confusing question to ask, solid wood or engineered? As soon as you start to look around,

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Florence Solid Golden Oak Hand Distressed Review

After spending the last three days up close and personal with solid golden oak wood flooring, as always, I felt compelled to write a few words and give my readers a little insight. Insight is always an advantage when you’re

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Day In The Life Of A Quick-Step Floor

We all need to know whatever flooring we buy is going to last. Who want’s to waste money right?! Everyday households require Everyday floors and Quick-Step, time and time again have stepped up to the plate to provide just that.

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