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Quick-Step Largo installation in Trendy Manchester Town House

If you’re new here, you need to know, we’re huge Quick-Step flooring fans! Don’t expect any impartial opinions, because Quick-Step can do no wrong! Well, if they did, I’d be the first to pounce, believe me! Okay, so you’re here to

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Finding the perfect flooring option for you

No matter what catches your eye when you walk in a room, the floor beneath your feet is a hugely important feature. From safety options to authentic wood, what you’re standing on can have a huge impact on your comfort

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BerryAlloc Serenity Independent Review

After recently installing BerryAlloc Serenity, I felt absolutely compelled to let you know my thoughts. If you’re considering your flooring options, I urge you to take a seat and read this article. It will certainly enlighten you to the pro’s

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Quick-Steps Impressive 2016 – an installers perspective

Quick-Step has gone through some changes over the last few years. Not to mention the acquisition of Pergo by Unilin (Quick-Steps primary). Incorporating some of Pergo’s technologies into the mighty Unilin group. However, this isn’t an article by some office

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BerryAlloc laminate tiles independent review

The beauty of being an independent floor installer is the fact I get to fit so many different types and brands of flooring. I mainly deal with wood and laminates. On my radar this week came BerryAlloc ‘Warm Brown’ laminate

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How to clean laminate floors

I constantly get asked the question of how to clean laminate floors and thought it was about time I wrote some handy tips down for quick reference. Correct cleaning can see your laminate floor investment pay off with longevity and

Top 8 benefits of laminate flooring

So you’re probably thinking about what floor you should buy and want to know the benefits of laminate flooring. Well, you’ve come to the right article. Here are my top 8 benefits of a laminate floor, from an installers perspective..

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Laminate Vs Engineered Wood Flooring

When choosing a wood floor covering, laminate and engineered flooring often fall closely together as they can be similar in price, thickness, and method of installation. Let’s look at the differences and throw some light over this subject making the

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What’s the ideal temperature to install a laminate floor and why?

Many people dismiss laminate floor installation guidelines believing they’re not important. This amazes me and always has done. Why on earth would they lie or tell you to do something you don’t need to?? It’s not a great conspiracy! There

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How long will a laminate floor last?

Thinking about purchasing a laminate floor? A question that always has to be considered is how long will a laminate floor last and will it be worth the money. You may have been looking around at laminate floors and of

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