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How to remove a high spot from concrete

When installing any floor covering, in particular a wood floor covering, high spots in concrete can be a real issue. Low spots are a pain as well but dealing with them is far easier. Most of the time simply filling

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What is the purpose of a DPM sandwich?

The ultimate purpose of a Damp proof membrane (DPM) sandwich is to prevent/suppress moisture coming from a concrete slab damaging a final floor covering. However, the term ‘sandwich’ refers to a specific method. We’ll be looking at the purpose or

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Dry Floor Levelling System – Eco Pearls

The levelling of a sub-floor (the floor beneath your final floor covering), can be a nightmare for many. Not just in a diy context, but even for seasoned professionals. Often leaving people with the expensive option of using a levelling

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Why you should NOT install a wood floor straight on top of an old parquet floor!

It’s a questioned often asked and pops up frequently in online discussions. Can a wood floor be installed straight on top of an old parquet floor? Well, the answer is clearly going to be subjective, but within the contents of this

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Failed self levelling compound

It’s one of THE most important materials in the flooring industry. It’s one of THE most important components in a flooring project. Self levelling compound (SLC) can truly make or break any floor covering. In particular, a floor covering that

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Difference Between An Undercut Door Frame And Not

In the world of wood floor installations, undercutting is a main factor to consider. Undercutting a door frame to allow a wood floor to slip underneath can absolutely make an installation. Not undercutting can see all that hard work of

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Do Laminate Floors Really Need To Acclimatise?

The timeless question that everyone is met with when considering a laminate floor. The acclimatisation question! Often looked at as a pointless exercise by many. Does laminate really need to acclimatise prior to installing? Here we’ll look at what it means

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Why did this solid wood floor buckle?

Such a common problem with wood floors is buckling. This is classically seen with a raised hump in a section of the floor that can be a scary sight and look expensive and time consuming to put right. Which isn’t

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Practical Guide To New Concrete Slab Drying Times For Wood Floors Simplified

A  new concrete slab is a huge consideration with regards installing a wood floor. Here I have compiled a simple guide for you to follow.  Before installing a wood floor over a concrete slab whether new or old, the slab

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Separated Engineered Floor

We’ve recently been called to a clients home to assess their engineered wood floor and to see if there was anything that could be done. Unfortunately in this instance the diagnosis was to rip it out and start again, which