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How Did I Make An Engineered Wood Floor Stop Creaking?

In this article I’m going to talk about how I stopped an Engineered wood floor from creaking. I’m not going to give any cast iron guarantees but this method is simple and a common sense approach.. Let me start by

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Why Is Your Laminate Floor Creaky?

Here we’ll be looking at the four main causes of a noisy or creaky laminate floor and answering the question ‘why is my laminate floor creaky?’ Before we start, I’d like to answer a popular question about creaky laminate floors

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Creaking engineered floor! How to avoid before you buy

The dreaded and torturous creak!! Here we’ll be looking at some reasons why engineered floors creak and what you can do to avoid it.. This article will also be giving you some practical advice on what to look for when

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Plank Separation

Plank separation or gapping in wood floors is very common and can be down to several reasons. This article focusses on how it occurs and some ways to rectify it, if and where possible.  Excessive moisture Should a room or

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Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance is a very common cause of wood floor failure. This article covers a broad outline and understanding of wood and some reasons for failures due to poor maintenance. To understand the way a wood floor behaves is key

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Why Do Wood Floors Buckle?

In this article we’ll look at why a wood floor of any type buckles. We’ll be looking at how a floor can buckle or lift due to poor installation, poor sub-floor preparation and generally how in-home environmental climate problems can

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This article looks at compression lipping of wood based floor coverings. We’ll look at what it is and the causes. Unfortunately, there’s often little that can be done but read on to gain an insight into this issue. Lipping can

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Poor fitting

Here we’ll cover some instances of poor installations of wood flooring. We’ll show you what a poor installation can look like and give some guidance on how to avoid it. This topic is very broad and we only cover a

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