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Finding the perfect flooring option for you

No matter what catches your eye when you walk in a room, the floor beneath your feet is a hugely important feature. From safety options to authentic wood, what you’re standing on can have a huge impact on your comfort

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Why you should NOT install a wood floor straight on top of an old parquet floor!

It’s a questioned often asked and pops up frequently in online discussions. Can a wood floor be installed straight on top of an old parquet floor? Well, the answer is clearly going to be subjective, but within the contents of this

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Herringbone Oak Installation Start to Finish

Be Warned! This article is relatively detailed and lengthy. It encapsulates the installation of a fully bonded (adhered/glued down) herringbone oak solid block 22 mm wood floor. This article is NOT a how to guide, although you will gain some

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Florence Solid Golden Oak Hand Distressed Review

After spending the last three days up close and personal with solid golden oak wood flooring, as always, I felt compelled to write a few words and give my readers a little insight. Insight is always an advantage when you’re

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Bolefloor – Curv8 Video Introduction

Bolefloor have entered the wood flooring industry by storm!! Now with the introduction of the Curv8 range, they’ve brought this outstanding wood floor product in a purchase off the shelf style. Simply put, there’s no need for specialist estimators!! Although

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How To Stop Sub-Floor Moisture From Damaging Your New Wood Floor

This is one of the biggest questions for people spending a small fortune on a new wood floor and rightly so! Who wants to throw their money down the drain?! Believe me, many have and many will. By finding this

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Practical Guide To New Concrete Slab Drying Times For Wood Floors Simplified

A  new concrete slab is a huge consideration with regards installing a wood floor. Here I have compiled a simple guide for you to follow.  Before installing a wood floor over a concrete slab whether new or old, the slab

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Easy-Fit Solid Oak Floor Review

We’ve been installing Easy-Fit Solid Oak (Unfortunately, Easy-Fit from Topps Tiles isn’t available – but you can hiit the link for an up to date alternative) Wood Flooring for years! It’s time to let people know about this floor from an

DIY Floor sanding advice

Bringing a wood floor back to life can be extremely rewarding, cost effective and relatively straight forward. Here’s a little about the process.. There are a number of ways a floor can be sanded and finished. Like using a drum

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Air Pressure and your Wood Floor

In this article we’ll look at how air pressure can effect your wood floor. We’ll go into some detail and explain how several aspects such as air pressure, relative humidity, dew points and air temperature are all connected and how

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