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Failed self levelling compound

It’s one of THE most important materials in the flooring industry. It’s one of THE most important components in a flooring project. Self levelling compound (SLC) can truly make or break any floor covering. In particular, a floor covering that

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Wood flooring underlay review Selitac Aqua Stop

After recently using the Selitac Aqua Stop wood floor underlay from B & Q for one of my clients, I thought I’d write a few words about my experience. When purchasing any wood type floor covering, be that an engineered

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The difference between a damp proof membrane and a vapour barrier

In relation to sensitive (meaning they are directly effected by moisture) floor coverings like engineered wood and laminate floors that are installed on top of an underlay, there is a huge misconception about how to protect them from rising moisture

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Vitrex Premier Wood Floor Underlay Review And Fibre Board Comparison

Wood floor underlay is an extremely important factor when considering a floating wood floor. Vitrex have introduced their premium underlay to accommodate the need for a quality wood floor underlay, but is it any good and how does it compare

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Self Adhesive Wood Floor Underlay Review

We’ve been using the Self Adhesive Wood Floor underlay for many years! It’s time to give you some insight into this product from a professional wood floor installer’s perspective.. Let’s start with some information about this underlay.. Dimensions – Length

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Guide to wood flooring underlay

Vitrex premium underlay review

When considering a wood based floor covering you may require an underlay. Let’s look at the different types and explain a little about each.. The only situations that underlays are needed is when a floating floor is being installed. A floating

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