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How to clean laminate floors

I constantly get asked the question of how to clean laminate floors and thought it was about time I wrote some handy tips down for quick reference. Correct cleaning can see your laminate floor investment pay off with longevity and

How To Remove Stubborn Stains From A Laminate Floor

Any busy household will¬†inevitably invite hard to remove stains on a laminate floor. Here I’m going to share a simple 3 step technique that anyone can use without the need for ultra expensive cleaners and believe me, what I had

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Steam Cleaning A Laminate Floor Risky Business

I was recently asked by a client if they could steam clean their new laminate floor? My heart sank, and with an emotional yelp, I replied NO! However, I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to live in the

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Air Pressure and your Wood Floor

In this article we’ll look at how air pressure can effect your wood floor. We’ll go into some detail and explain how several aspects such as air pressure, relative humidity, dew points and air temperature are all connected and how

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Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance is a very common cause of wood floor failure. This article covers a broad outline and understanding of wood and some reasons for failures due to poor maintenance. To understand the way a wood floor behaves is key

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Poor fitting

Here we’ll cover some instances of poor installations of wood flooring. We’ll show you what a poor installation can look like and give some guidance on how to avoid it. This topic is very broad and we only cover a

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