DIY Floor sanding advice

Close up of a oiled parquet floor.

Bringing a wood floor back to life can be extremely rewarding, cost effective and relatively straight forward. Here’s a little about the process..

There are a number of ways a floor can be sanded and finished. Like using a drum sander or orbital sander for instance. This all depends on the condition of your original floor and even the size and space of the room you’re sanding. A drum sander is extremely efficient at levelling very cupped or crowned boards but one wrong move can damage your floor and leave it looking terrible. However, for finer finishing work, an orbital sander gives more control, especially for the novice.

Parquet floor restoration. The top half is the old surface. The bottom is the raw sanded finish.

The dust that will be generated is very much a consideration to any sanding project for many reasons. Time, health and the finish of the project being just a few. A sanding machine like this is very useful for extracting dust as you sand. Firstly, you may want to make any repairs to the floor, so stick or screw down any loose strips. If you have an area which is badly damaged think about trying to salvage some from an area that won’t been seen like inside a cupboard, under the stairs or as a last resort under a kitchen appliance perhaps.

Parquet floor being oiled.

Fix down with a suitable adhesive, nails or screws. Make sure any nails or screws or sunk below the surface of the floor and fill over with wood floor filler. You could also use the saw dust from your first sand. Simply mix this with pva adhesive and create a workable paste. Apply this to the holes.

Next sand the floor starting with something quite course then go up the grades to around 120 grit sanding paper. These will come from a hire supplier to match your machine but you must specify what grades of sanding paper you require.

Use a corner sander to get in the corners. You will often find these come with your hired tool but make sure to clarify this. If not, it’s best to hire a corner sander as well.

When you’re happy with the raw finish, you must now remove any escaped dust. Any sanding project will create dust, even if you are using a dust free machine.

Parquet floor oiling in progress.Now you could either oil the floor or use lacquer. There are also stains you can apply prior to lacquering if you would like to darken the floor or give it a unique look. Fine particles will almost certainly get into the air and settle on to your floor. Remove as much as you can. a good quality vacuum is ideal, as it will also suck dust particles out of the atmosphere.

Between each dried coat, finely sand the floor using as finer grade paper as you can. This can be repeated as many times as you like to get the finish you require. Let your final coat dry without any sanding. When dry, this final coat can be buffered to really bring that floor to life.

A finished oiled parquet wood floor.As with any such project, always read the guidance of the products you are using. This is a basic walk through of what and how to achieve a gorgeous finish to your floor.

A big thanks goes to ‘colour republic’ for their advice with this guide. Be sure to take a look at their website should you require a complete multi-trade service in and around the East Sussex area.

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