Easy-Fit Solid Oak Floor Review

We’ve been installing Easy-Fit Solid Oak (Unfortunately, Easy-Fit from Topps Tiles isn’t available – but you can hiit the link for an up to date alternative) Wood Flooring for years! It’s time to let people know about this floor from an installers perspective. To learn the real Pro’s and Con’s of this flooring..Read on..

Let’s start with the specs of the Easy-Fit solid oak flooring :

  • Easy-Fit Solid oak from Topps Tiles in a bedroomDimensions –  Lengths random between 30 cm/300 mm to 120cm/1200 mm – Width 12 cm/120 mm – Depth 1.8 cm/18 mm (Dimensions may vary)
  • Installation – Overlay drop and click (This means the floor is fitted on top of an underlay as a floating floor and is glue free with a machined locking system to join the planks together)
  • Suitable for – All rooms except areas with high humidity i.e. Bathrooms
  • Finish – A smooth UV protective lacquered finish
  • Domestic 10 year guarantee

I’ve personally have been installing this floor for over 10 years. It is an excellent floor to install and I haven’t been called back once in all that time.

Firstly, from an installation point of view, the Easy-Fit Solid Oak goes together in the manner that it’s described ‘Easily!’. The design of the locking system combines the sturdy feel of a well manufactured floor with a simple way to fit it.

It’s relatively unusual to find a wood floor of this thickness that can be fitted floating on top of an underlay. When I was first introduced to this floor I was extremely sceptical. Knowing how wood floors behave with regards expansion and contraction, I have always had the opinion that they should be permanently fixed to the sub-floor with either adhesive or the secret nailing method. This floor however, is designed in such a way that it performs just as well as a fixed floor with additional benefits.

What are the benefits of the Easy-Fit oak flooring?

Easy-Fit Solid Oak installed in a loungeThe problem with oak real wood flooring in general is it can mark easily and dent even easier. This would normally be dealt with by trying to cleverly disguise the damaged area with fillers and stains to take the eye away from noticing it. Rarely is this accomplished to a satisfactory standard. Cutting out and replacing a plank is an option but can be even trickier, a lot more time consuming and messy. One of the absolutely huge benefits of Easy-Fit is the simplicity of lifting the floor. There is absolutely no struggle or hammering required when installing it and likewise when un-installing it. No pressure is required and no forcing the planks. With conventional overlay floors, most of the time the use of a hammer and knocking block is certainly required to click the planks together. With Easy-Fit it’s as simple as positioning each plank in place and letting go. This will allow the plank to drop securely in place. No exaggeration!

So to replace a plank in the middle of your floor would be a case of removing a few lengths of expansion beading or skirting board and un-clicking the Easy-Fit each row at a time to the effected plank, replace and re-fit. This may sound like a huge task, but when you first install it, you’ll understand exactly just how easy and quick this process is.

Another huge benefit is being able to gain access underneath you sub-floor should you need to. If your floor is fitted on top of a suspended timber sub-floor and access is required in the future to repair leaking pipes etc, this can be done with the same easy by using the technique as mentioned above.

A kitchen we installed the Easy-Fit Solid Oak in Gatley, Manchester.

To my surprise when I first fitted the floor, I found the locking system to be paraffin waxed! I’ve talked about this, in relation to laminate floors, in the past but have NEVER seen this with a 18 mm thick oak floor. The paraffin wax lubricates the locking system. As well as aids the easy installation, should there be any slight movement it will help prevent the floor from creaking and also reduce any abrasion of the locking system. Locking system abrasion can lead to plank separation and a general weakening of the floor, hence the sight of paraffin wax was a really pleasant addition.
A little about the overall look of the finished result. What can I say, warm, gorgeous, appealing, rich and any other complimentary words that spring to mind.

Who is Easy-Fit Solid Oak floor best suited for?

Well, it can be used by anyone. However, in my personal opinion, the smooth lacquered finish looks it’s best when it is kept just like that. Brushed oiled type floors can gain character with a few knocks and bumps as that is their nature and they mature with use. Smooth lacquered floors do not look as well with scrapes and dents. Until a rough oiled version is produced, I personally wouldn’t go buying this type of floor for a house that has a young family or is party central. Roller blade marks and pimple holes from high heels aren’t a good look with this particular wood floor.If you’re like me and like to have a room for occasions or sensible use then this floor would certainly be recommended. I’m making this sound like you need to teach the family how to levitate, although I’m just giving you a heads up to what this floor can take and still look well years down the line.

Where and ‘where can’t’ Easy-Fit Oak flooring be used?

Kitchen fitted with Easy-Fit Solid Oak flooring
This floor can be used in most rooms around the house. I’d edge on the side of caution with entrance halls and certainly would not recommend it in high humidity areas. Direct moisture and dramatic humidity changes can have a big impact on solid wood floors. Should you decide to go against this advice, I would highly recommend sealing the top edge of all the locking joins with click guard to help prevent direct moisture from getting into the wood. However, this will do little towards the effects of high humidity.

The advice above is really subject to your discretion as only you know how your house is used and what the internal climate is like.

The negatives of Easy-Fit Solid Oak!

If the sub-floor that the Easy-Fit solid oak is being fitted on isn’t flat, this has a very bad effect on the finished result. Although, I talked about the locking system being waxed earlier on and this helping to prevent creaks and abrasion, I’m afraid I was only talking about moderate movement. If you sub-floor is uneven and exceeds a deviation of more than 2 mm over a 1 metre span, you will see excessive movement in your new oak floor. This won’t automatically mean certain floor failure but without a shadow of a doubt to prevent potential issues further down the line, you should make sure the sub-floor it’s to be laid on is prepared well!


In summary, I really do love this floor. The end result is exceptional. The cost justifies the ease of installation and the benefits (as talked about above) that this flooring has.

Everything has it’s good points and bad points and I hope I’ve given you some food for thought with the Easy-Fit oak flooring. This review was not written to put you off, but more to give a clear insight before you buy. Something that shops obviously would rather you didn’t have.

Now you know everything about Easy-Fit Oak flooring, if you’d like to see the current cost, simply hit this button(Unfortunately, Easy-Fit from Topps Tiles isn’t available – but you can hiit the link for an up to date alternative)

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