Good Advice For Diy Laminate Floor Installers

The economic climate has seen a rise in people taking on tasks in their homes in an attempt to save the pounds, especially over the last few years. However, there has been several side effects to this thrifty diy cultural trend. In-home accidents have increased considerably with A & E figures showing a rise in diy related accidents and the standard of work dropping massively. This is an unfortunate fact and one fuelled by diy centres trying to sell their wares with the promise of everything being easy to do yourself. Come on, who are they kidding really?

Bedroom installation using quick-step eligna white varnished oakI like to think most people understand that the majority of tradesmen have gone through specific training and have built up a huge amount of experience in their field over the years, after all, doing a particular set of jobs on a daily basis, naturally us tradesmen pick up a thing or two to say the least.

I personally have been disgusted with some of the laminate floor installations I’ve been called to assess or have even stumbled upon. To me it beggars belief that people don’t see that their attempts at diy are counter productive. Granted, pennies may be tight, but wasting money is something that should always be considered in a supposed cost cutting exercise. Not to mention, you are seeing this laminate floor on a daily basis. They can go wrong and when they do, they look a mess. When installed correctly, they look fantastic for years.

That was the gripe, here’s the advice

There is nothing wrong with acquiring another string to your bow. I’ve done exactly the same thing myself. However, take steps to make sure you are going to do the best job possible and at the same time you will actually save money in the long run. Knowing what to look for and what will and will not effect the life of a laminate floor or any wood floor covering for that matter is something that can only be gained with years of practice. Although, there is one main thing that you should not take lightly.

In the world of websites the key term website owners will use is traffic, traffic, traffic. In the world of wood floor installer’s, the key term we use is sub-floor preparation, sub-floor preparation, sub-floor preparation. There is one thing that is guaranteed when installing a laminate floor. If the sub-floor isn’t right then neither will the laminate be.

If I could give anyone a tip, that would be to learn how to use a straight edge. A straight edge can be as simple as a piece of wood, a batten or length of skirting board. Check how straight it is by pressing it against a glass window pane. In most houses the glass will be flat and your straight edge should sit firm on it all the way a long. Once you’ve established your straight edge is actually straight and not bowed, place it flat on different sections and at different directions on your floor, if it rocks/seesaws or has light showing from underneath it, your sub-floor isn’t flat. Do as much as you can to learn how to address this and you will be on your way to a successful installation.

Lounge installation using Quick-Step eligna white varnished over Warmup underfloor heatingMy last point, getting back to safety, it may be the first time you’ve used some of the tools needed to install a laminate floor. Any tool can be dangerous. I’ve trained countless installers over the years and can say without a shadow of a doubt the number one thing that causes accidents with tools is rushing or stressing out. There’s nothing wrong with going slow sometimes. Even if it puts another hour, two hours or even another day on the installation, it doesn’t matter. Installing a laminate floor doesn’t have to lead to bloodshed. The majority of times this is self inflicted due to a busy mind. Learn carefully how to use the tools and fully concentrate as you are working with them. The side effect of being mindful as you install will be a good quality installation, that WILL last for years and you won’t be left with needless scars.

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