How long will a laminate floor last?

Thinking about purchasing a laminate floor? A question that always has to be considered is how long will a laminate floor last and will it be worth the money. You may have been looking around at laminate floors and of course you read the marketing fluff, that’s purely designed to relieve you of your hard earned cash. The main brief of marketing is to list all the benefits of a product, dress the benefits up, and present them in way that makes the product seem like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. However, a well worded bit of sales patter doesn’t really tell you a great deal. So come on Wes, tell me how long a laminate floor will last…

Before you read on, I’m going to have to insist you tap into one of the best parts of your personality. That is common sense..

A laminate floor will last up to and beyond the manufacturers given guarantee. However, if your expectations are for the laminate floor to look the same as it did in 10 years as the day it was installed, then I have to refer you back to the last paragraph. Common sense is a must here. It’s a floor, and in any normal home or work environment; it’ll get well used and over time show the signs of that use.

I had a recent experience with a client’s dining room floor that I’d installed nearly 12 years ago, which was actually the inspiration of this article. The floor I fitted was a Quick-Step product. I was called back by my client to install laminate in another room. I’m always keen to see floors that I’ve installed in the past and assess how they’ve held up and on this occasion I was extremely surprised to see the floor still looked stunning! It literally looked like I’d fitted it last week! It’s fair to say the beading could do with replacing due to years or cleaning and such but the main body of the floor had held up very well. The room had obviously been well used and the floor had put up a valiant fight against the grand kids 🙂 To see a laminate floor in such good condition after so many years really gives me the confidence to present these kind of floors to my clients as an alternative to carpet, tiles, lino etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been back to some past clients and seen laminate floors look, well, frankly completely knackered! Although I have to say the large majority of times it wasn’t the laminate that had failed but more the method of cleaning them that had really done the damage. Too much water when cleaning being the worst culprit. However, in defence of a knackered looking laminate, at least what you see is what you get. I’ve ripped up enough carpets in my time to tell you that what lurks beneath those things really doesn’t bare thinking about!

Like anything, how long something lasts is hugely effected by how it’s treated. I think the best way to put this in realistic terms is to say, if at the very least, a laminate floor lasts for 8 years, it would have more than covered it’s cost but in most cases these types of floors will greatly exceed that time frame and then some.

As with all my articles, I do like to finish with some guidance based on my experiences over the past 15 years as a floor installer. Don’t go cheap! There’s a reason why a laminate floor is £4 per square metre. Because it’s rubbish! A laminate floor can be an investment. Anything less than £10 per square metre and I’m afraid I’d class that as false economy.  A little grounded wisdom when considering the best laminate floor to go for is key.

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