How to clean laminate floors

I constantly get asked the question of how to clean laminate floors and thought it was about time I wrote some handy tips down for quick reference. Correct cleaning can see your laminate floor investment pay off with longevity and keep it looking amazing for years to come. Here are four basic practical real world tips that you’ll be able to use and pass on to your friends and family.

So let’s get to it…

Laminate floor cleaningTip 1. Always remember that laminate flooring is a wood based product. Wood and water have a love hate relationship in the context of an in-home floor. Use too much water when cleaning and a laminate floor will often swell at the seams and eventually the top surface will break away; leaving the core of your laminate exposed and even more susceptible to water damage and overall making the floor look unsightly. Less is more when it comes to using water on a laminate floor. If you find you have to use more water than normal, remember to dry the floor off as you go.

Tip 2. Vacuuming a laminate floor is a great idea. When trod on, small grit particles can act like sand paper, leaving scratches in the surface of the laminate. A vacuum will remove these particles and general dust easily. One word of caution I always give to my clients is to make sure the vacuum is in good working order. Stuck or jamming wheels will leave you dragging the thing around your floor potentially doing more harm than good. Make sure the wheels are free rolling and you have brushes on the vacuum nozzle to prevent contact with the metal and laminate. A soft long handled brush is a fantastic alternative and will do a similar job. Although in my opinion, you just can’t beat a good vacuum!

Vacuum a laminate floorTip 3. Use a cleaning solution that is specifically designed or recommended for laminate flooring. If you use a solution that’s abrasive, it’ll soon take off the top surface protective layer of your laminate leaving it dull, patchy, and unsightly. Some cleaning solutions are required to be mixed with water. When that’s the case, I’ll refer you back the Tip 1. A good rule of thumb is always to apply whatever cleaning solution you purchase on a small unseen area first. This will give you an indication as to whether the solution is ok to use without damaging your gorgeous laminate floor.

Tip 4. Read the maintenance literature that comes with your laminate or visit the manufacturers website where you’ll often find a ‘maintenance data sheet’. This will give you guidance on how best to look after your floor. Of course, if you don’t have the literature and don’t know the name, manufacturer or supplier of your floor, that won’t be possible. When that’s the case, I’ll refer you back to Tip 3.

I do hope you’ve found this article helpful and remember to share it with your friends and family by hitting the ‘share’ button. If you’d like to add any helpful tips of your own, please put them in the comments section below.

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