How to create living room focal points

How to create a living room focal point. Here we’ll be looking at the best ways to lay out your rooms and plan for maximum feel..

Living spaces require focus in order to draw people in and lend a home some essential character. Too many rooms can appear generic both to those who live there and to the visitor, when all it takes to produce a really arresting effect is a good focal point. Common features might be things like a social focus like a fireplace, or an artistic statement like a collection of photographs. Alternatively, it could be as simple as sprucing up a chimney breast with a bright shade. Here are a few ideas on how to bring some visual excitement into even the most lived-in of spaces.

Start with the basic elements your room already has. While a bed makes a great starting-point for the bedroom, the sofa performs the same role in the lounge. It’s likely that you’ll use a settee or armchairs to create a cosy area for socialising and relaxation time, so it makes sense to make a feature of it. Group soft furniture in a way that’s conducive to conversation and if you can, position the seating so that it catches the eye on first entering the room.

Then add in other items, like a coffee table or bookcase which can be easily accessed from the centre point. These can then be filled with ornaments like vases or enhanced by use of directional lighting. If you have a fireplace, use it as a natural gathering point, placing a textured or colourful rug in front of it and angling the seating accordingly. Landscape-hung mirrors are also brilliant at giving the impression that a small room is much larger, so make sure you place yours where it will best catch the light.

If you’re trying to jazz up an existing layout, you may not have to start moving the heavy stuff around. Think about spiking the room with some colour, even just on one feature wall and you could transform a dull space into a vibrant one with barely any effort involved. A continuous stripe around neutral walls can give the room a bit more personality, or paint vertical blocks to lend another dimension above all the horizontal lines of the furniture. Consider more organic ideas as well, such as designing a mural or stencil some simple floral or bird symbols across one side of the room.

Walls can be about much more than just two dimensions. Try to formulate a pattern when
you hang prints or photos, so that they draw the eye exactly where you’d like it to be. So take a tip from art galleries and hang paintings across a long wall at eye level. Or make a statement on one wall alone, arranging different sizes and shapes together to bring focus. You could consider erecting several shelves at progressively higher levels, which can then hold anything from books to ceramics.

It’s often the case that a living-room can fill up with clutter, or have its appearance neglected for practical reasons. But setting aside a little time for the lounge can create a space you want to spend time in at the end of the day and moreover, somewhere you feel comfortable entertaining.

Focal points can be so simple, they may feel like cheating: from wall stickers to a few coloured cushions and a rug like those at But whether it’s a quick fix or a strategic design, bringing a room together in a visual focus can make all the difference.

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