How to get a perfect silicone/sealant lines for the pro or diy’er

For the diy’er and even the professional, the task of getting a perfect silicone/sealant line can be near impossible. As a tradesman of over seventeen years, I know this fact all to well! A silicone/sealant line is almost always a finishing dressing to both add protection from water and a decorative clean line rather than have gaps on display. Most people often result in running their finger over the silicone in an attempt to gain a uniform looking line with a satisfactory success rate of less than 5%. What if there was a solution to this that anyone could use with perfect results every time!!..

Well, there is!!

I used to take forever applying silicone/sealants and the results were a little sketchy to say the least. When using a finger to create a uniform line there tends to ensue a complete and utter mess everywhere. Not to mention the issue of future mould..

When a finger is used to create a uniform silicone line, small traces of proteins can be left on and slightly below the surface of the silicone. If the conditions are right i.e. a warm humid area like a shower or bathroom, mould can develop as bacteria feeds off the proteins left behind by your finger. We’ve all seen the mouldy silicone line around the bath, right?!

What am I promising here?

  • I’m promising a fast application of silicone/sealant/caulks!
  • An exceptional uniform professional finish every time – even across tiles – with little effort!
  • A mess free application!
  • No need to use a finger or soapy water!
  • Apply silicone/sealants across tile grout lines without getting stuck, leaving a an un-uniform line!

Cramer fugi kit for perfect silicone sealant linesThe Cramer Fugi Kit!! This kit was truly a revelation for me. In retrospect, for seventeen years I’ve been giving my clients substandard silicone finishes. Then I found the Cramer fugi kit and all that changed! This kit really does do what it says on the tin with absolute ease. It’ll give you a professional silicone/sealant finish with no need to use a finger and soapy water, no need to use tape. Simply apply the silicone bead and run the fugi kit across it, voila!!

This sounds to simplistic, so let me present to you this video from the Ultimate Handy Man who will explains the fugi kit to you and give a brief guide on how to use it..

Resolution may be low and not show the crisp silicone line. Please visit the Ultimate Handy Man youtube page by clicking the youtube icon on the bottom right of the video for the full resolution and a better idea of what this tool can do..

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