How To Remove Stubborn Stains From A Laminate Floor

Any busy household will inevitably invite hard to remove stains on a laminate floor. Here I’m going to share a simple 3 step technique that anyone can use without the need for ultra expensive cleaners and believe me, what I had to recently remove was very hard to shift!!

The stain I had to remove was a dried spillage of a bitumen based liquid damp proof membrane and trust me, it really doesn’t get tougher than that!! A liquid damp proof membrane is a harsh chemical and when it’s left to dry, it STICKS and DOES NOT want to move!

If I can get rid of that in twenty minutes, you should be able to get rid of any household stain using the same technique just as effectively.

All you’ll need is a basic fabric cloth, a standard laminate floor cleaning solution, a utility knife (commonly known as a stanley knife) or any sharp knife will do and a little patience.

Most people when using cleaning solution tend not to give the fluid time to do it’s job, and that really is the key to removing any stain, PATIENCE!

Bitumen liquid damp proof membrane stain on a laminate floor. How to remove.

Step 1 : If the stain you’re trying to remove is thick, like a dollop of dried gloss paint for instance, using the utility knife blade gently scrape away the excess material from the surface. Making sure you don’t go through it and scratch your laminate floor. If required, applying a little of your cleaning solution will soften up the dried on material, then scrape.

You should then have something that resembles the picture to the right. With the majority of the material removed, a simple wipe will most certainly not get rid of this stain.

The first step is important as the more material on the surface, the more work your cleaning solution will have to do to break down the material. This will result in the job taking far longer than needed, and the use of too much cleaning solution and more elbow grease from yourself.

Cleaning solution applied on top of a stained laminate floor.Step 2 : Squirt or pour your cleaning solution onto the stain, making sure the solution covers all of the area. Here’s the important part! Leave the solution on the stain for around ten minutes. This will allow the solution to really break down the stubborn material. It’s sometimes worth very lightly scratching over the surface of the stain with the utility knife. On a micro level, this will score the surface, creating a greater surface area for the solution to work it’s magic! If the solution is used in this manner, 99% of cleaners will do the exact same job, so don’t be enticed with extravagant advertising slogans.

It’s often advised that a test be carried out on an inconspicuous area of your laminate floor, especially if you’re using a cleaning solution that you’ve not used before. This is to make sure the solution is not to abrasive and does not damage the laminate. I’d always advise purchasing a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for laminate flooring.

Leave the solution on the stain for approximately ten minutes!!

A finger wrapped in fabric cloth cleaning a stubborn stain on a laminate floor.Step 3 : Now wrap the fabric cloth around your finger. Press firmly on to the surface and rub the stain in a circular motion, then front to back, left to right and diagonally. Most people simply wipe with a forward to back motion, with poor results. However, most laminate floors nowadays have a deep natural grain to replicate the effect of wood or stone. This is why it’s important to press and rub in all directions, as simply rubbing in one direction will lead to much more work, wasted time and energy! This is all about efficiently dealing with them stains.

If the stain doesn’t shift, then simply repeat step 2 and 3 until you have your desired result of a nice stain free laminate floor. Remember each time you apply the solution, it’s worth leaving it on the stain for a few minutes to break the stain material.

Rub the stain in all directions to ensure you get into the deep laminate grain!!

Stain free laminate floor. How to remove a stubborn stain from a laminate floor.Here we have a nice stain free laminate floor. As this stain was a bitumen based liquid damp proof paint, it took several attempts using step 2 and 3, taking around twenty minutes to clear. All I used was a basic laminate cleaning solution! There was no need to break the bank! The key as with most things in life is not what you’ve got but how you use it 🙂

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