Kronotex Robusto Installers review

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m not exactly a huge fan of any laminate flooring with the name ‘Krono’ in it’s title. However, there does seem to have been a fair few changes to this once horrendous strain. After recently installing Kronotex Robusto Rip Oak White D3181 in a new development property just off Ancoats in Manchester, I felt compelled to share my thoughts. Want to know more? Read on…(This article has not been sponsored in any way)...

kitchen-before-kronotex-robust-1Firstly, a little about Kronotex Robusto..

  • Cost – Between £13 and £15 per metre
  • Dimensions – 1375 mm (Length) x 188 mm (Width) x 12 mm (Thickness)
  • Finish – Embossed surface (Raised grain to the touch)
  • Rating – AC5 (Heavy commercial use)

I’m now just going to briefly run through the information above to put it into layman’s terms, then further into the article we’ll look at the Kronotex Robusto from my hands on real world point of view..


At around the £13 to £15 per metre bracket, it’s fair to say you do get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s clear to see why Krono laminates hold such a large portion of the laminate market.


The dimensions are simply pretty much what they are. From a technical point of view the main focus should be put towards the boards thickness. At 12 mm this is a structurally strong board providing a firm feel under foot. Of course and as is the case with any laminate, providing your sub-floor is flat!


The finish has a nice deep textured surface. Meaning the wood grain appearance is substantial and can be easily felt and seen.


The AC ratings are a universally recognized method of, at a glance, understanding the surface impact and abrasion kronotex-robuststrength of a laminate floor. The ratings system runs from AC1 (the weakest) up to the maximum AC6 (the strongest). With an AC5 granted rating, Krono Robusto is designed to withstand heavy commercial traffic.

First hand thoughts and opinions

Now to the meat of this article!

In the past, Krono laminate floors have had some pretty serious issues, noting a severe lack in overall quality. From defective board prints, poor locking systems (Including alignment issues or miss-cuts), and repetitive print patterns. It’s something we’re used to and dare I say, absolutely sick of!

kronotex-robust-whiteHow does Krono Robusto compare to the vast majority of the Krono ranges? Well, I have to say, it’s one of the best Krono products we’ve installed to date. There are still some of the issues with repeating patterns. In other words, the same distinctive grain features will appear on many boards, so we had to be careful not to place these next to each other. Krono have worked to get around obvious repeating patterns by adjusting the placement of the same pattern. The same distinctive grain features will now often (not always) appear in a different place on each board or sometimes in reverse to try and take the eye away from spotting the same features. To add fairness to that point, ALL laminate floors have a limited number of surface prints (the actual wood grain picture you see). Better quality manufacturers produce a larger variety of surface prints that make spotting repeating prints more difficult. Krono, historically and sadly, is not one of these manufacturers.

kronotex-robust-in-kitchenIn years gone by, we’ve had some real problems with generally defective boards across most of the Krono type laminates we’ve installed. As mentioned above, miss-cuts, miss-prints, and poor quality locking system issues forming the main problems. With Krono Robusto (on our recent project), the general quality of all the boards was good. To the point where any odd defective boards didn’t pose an issue to the installation. As with most things in life, total perfection is a myth and of course, a subjective concept.

Over the years Krono laminate floors have left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. You may think I’m over exaggerating here, but if you’ve ever worked with a particularly problematic product or even colleague that’s almost been like a thorn in your side, you’ll know where I’m coming from. I take no pleasure in negativity and jump at the chance to sing the praises of certain products, manufacturers, people etc but only when it’s due!

I honestly can’t start putting Krono along side the walls of famers, such as Quick-Step or Pergo, but I can say there’s certainly been a shift in its quality; at the higher end anyway. On our recent project it went down solidly, without a fight, and the end result looked absolutely stunning.

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