Parador Trendtime 3 Herringbone Oak Review

After recently installing the Parador Trendtime 3 Herringbone Oak in a clients home I felt compelled to write this review. I will be giving you the pro’s and con’s to this flooring from a professional wood floor installer – of over 15 years – point of view..

Lets start with some information about this engineered herringbone flooring..

  • Parador Herringbone Oak closeupDimensions – Plank Length 570 mm – Width 95 mm – Thickness 10.5 mm
  • Installation – Floated on top of an underlay with an all round glue free click system or glued to the sub-floor
  • Warranty – 25 years in domestic setting
  • Suitable rooms – All rooms excluding high humidity areas although incorporates swelling protection due to wax impregnation
  • Finish – Lacquered
  • Design – Herringbone with a small bevel a long all four edges

The Herringbone Oak flooring is relatively new to us and we joyfully took on our clients project with excited apprehension as we were due to install it as a floating floor. Something that we’d never done with a real wood engineered herringbone floor and what a joy it was..

On opening the packaging you immediately know this is a highly engineered and quality made product. The surface finish simply glows with a blemish free smooth lacquer and the all round manufacture and design is simply excellent!

Herringbone Oak in a loungeI was excited to know how the locking system worked as we had fitted herringbone floated laminate floors in the past that required a left and right board type. Not the case with Paradors engineered herringbone. They’ve designed the locking system to lock in both left and right without needing a separate design. This greatly increased both speed and ease of the installation.

Locking each plank together was exceptionally easy. Some engineered flooring locking systems can really put up a fight. Not this one. Simply locate each board at the required angle and drop down. A nice subtle click let’s you know it’s firmly in position. Perhaps you don’t like the colour of that particular plank you’ve just installed. Well, a simple lift and the plank has disengaged without damage or fuss.

What are the benefits of Parador Trendtime 3 Herringbone Oak flooring?

  • Super fast and easy installation
  • Relatively cheap to install should you require a professionals touch
  • Straight forward plank replacement should a board get damaged
  • Can be floated on top of an underlay or glued to the sub-floor. Very handy options to suite many different properties. No doubts that this floor can go in all properties
  • Exceptionally rich colours and smooth clean lacquered finish
  • Very eco friendly
  • Wax impregnated locking system. This helps aid the installation, reduce creaks and protects against moisture ingress

Who and where is the Parador Trendtime 3 Herringbone Oak flooring best suited for?

Installing Parador trendtime 3 Herringbone Oak flooringAlthough the surface is produced using a hard wood with a high hardness rating and a good quality strong lacquer,  large boisterous pets or excitable children may result in this engineered floor showing signs of wear very quickly. Although beautiful, in some settings probably not the most practical.

I would strongly advise against installing this floor in any areas subject to high levels of humidity. Although the locking system has been impregnated with wax which will greatly help protect this floor from surface moisture damage, rapid climate change and exceptional levels of air humidity will no doubt have a severe impact on the life of this engineered flooring. Only install it in high humidity areas such as bathrooms if the air moisture levels can be controlled. If you have a bathroom that is frequently over ran with condensation, then that is not the right environment for this floor.

From a diy installer’s point of view, the locking system and installation for both the floating and glued down method are straight forward enough. However, a good understanding of angles will be required as well as a very good understanding of how wood floors behave and a serious eye for detail when preparing the sub-floor before laying. This is no budget floor and deserves thought when taking on the task. I would certainly not recommend installing the parador engineered herringbone if it’s your first time.

The negatives of Parador Trendtime 3 Herringbone Oak flooring!

Dining room fitted with Parador Herringbone OakI am absolutely loathe to pick any negatives out of this flooring as I love it so much. However, I have two points to share with you that I feel should be made clear.

The first being the surface thickness. This is an engineered floor and is constructed with a ply core and finished with a thin 2.5 mm veneer surface. Two sands and I’m afraid that’s your lot! Hence, the right environment is essential when choosing a floor of this nature. As mentioned, busy households or a young family may not be the ideal setting for this floor covering.

The second negative is the overall board thickness. When deciding on an installation method, I would highly recommend gluing the engineered herringbone down to the sub-floor should this option be available to you. As the boards are relatively thin, any slight undulations in the sub-floor can be felt when installed using the floating method. This is not an issue that would generally cause huge problems as the locking system is of a high quality but a glued down method will give you a very nice firm feel throughout the life of the floor.


Dining room finished in Parador Herringbone OakI have nothing but high regard for the Parador engineered herringbone. The good points of the floor far outweigh the bad in my opinion. No floor is perfect and the obvious key when choosing a floor or any product for that matter, is suiting it with it’s environment.

This floor is truly exceptional. The amount of positive comments we received about it from our clients, their friends and family as well as other tradesmen where numerous. A real eyepiece for any home. You will love it! I can promise you that!


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