Parador trendtime 3 herringbone vs Galleria herringbone

Want a pre-finished easy to install herringbone floor? Parador is an excellent brand and frankly their products are flawless. However, unless you can strike a deal with the devil, you’ll be paying serious money for the privilege of having a Parador trendtime 3 herringbone in your home. I’m a big fan of the trendtime 3 flooring but I’ve recently found some real competition; in cost and specification.

This isn’t going to be a long drawn out comparison article because I’ve not installed the alternative flooring so can’t speak with any first hand knowledge. However, what I can do is briefly run through the differences in dimensions and cost simply to present you with a viable alternative to the often painfully expensive Parador trendtime 3 herringbone.

Parador herringboneSo, firstly, let’s run through a few facts about the Parador herringbone

  • Individual plank sizes – Length 570 mm: Width 95 mm: Thickness 10.5 mm: Surface wear layer 2.5 mm
  • Surface finish – Smooth lacquered
  • Plank edges – Distinguishable bevel
  • Installation method – Floating or glued down
  • Cost – The cheapest I could find at the date of this article was £72.01 per sqm inc vat

Galleria heringboneNow for my alternative; the Galleria Classic engineered herringbone

  • Individual plank sizes – Length 592 mm: Width 148 mm: Thickness 15 mm: Surface wear layer 4 mm
  • Surface finish – Brushed matt lacquered
  • Plank edges – Discrete micro bevel
  • Installation method – Floating or glued down
  • Cost – The cheapest I could find at the date of this article was £43.64 per sqm inc vat

Now there are some subtle and not so subtle differences between the two engineered herringbone floors. The main difference being the plank width of the Galleria Classic which is clearly an area that will require some thought as it impacts on the overall visible look of the floor. Get your tape measure out, cut some card board into similar sized pieces and have a think.

There are three other massive differences between the two floors that I wish to highlight :

  • The greater thickness of the Galleria at 15 mm compared to Parador’s 10.5 mm thickness. Typically, the thicker the floor the stronger, resulting in a firmer feel under foot and overall less movement.
  • The surface wear layer of the Galleria at 4 mm is 1.5 mm thicker than the Parador, meaning an additional two sands of the Galleria, hugely increasing the longevity. Add that to the better impact resistance of a thicker wood surface and you have a simple equation – the longer a floor lasts, the better investment it is.
  • Finally, the whopping near £20 per square metre cost difference!!! I’ll have to repeat that…£20 per square metre cost difference!!! The Galleria getting even cheaper as you go over the 41 square metre mark.

I think there are some glaring differences here that really can’t be dismissed. Sample boards are always available from sellers for such a floor, so please do further research before you buy.

I love the Parador engineered herringbone but will have to strongly suggest the Galleria as a real alternative product to my future clients. I’ve installed a lot of Ukflooringdirect floors and have never had one single problem.

I’m curious! What’s your opinion? Would you shave £20 per square metre of a floor with better specs? Are you sceptical when something seems to good to be true? Leave a comment below. I and I’m sure other readers would really appreciate your thoughts..

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