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As a professional wood floor installer of over fifteen years, I know a thing or two about knee pads. I’ve been through many pairs! As my knees are critical and a sensitive aspect in my life, a lot of thought has to be given into how best to protect them. I have strong opinions on what works and what doesn’t, so if you’re in a profession that keeps you on your knees or are even a diy’er taking on flooring jobs or any task that sees you on your knees, sit back and have a read as I give my review of the SCAN Gel knee pads..

Let’s start with some of the marketing spiel and then I’ll be looking at each point in depth..

So what have the SCAN gel pads got..

  • Professional SCAN gel knee padsHalf inch high density cell foam around the inner edge
  • A GEL inner pad
  • Large hard protective face (where the pad meets the ground)
  • Neoprene breathable lower strap
  • Elasticated and adjustable upper strap with a quick clip buckle
  • Cost – Currently as of 13th July 2013 £18.81 with FREE delivery! (May change in the future)

Ok, so what does all this mean??

Half inch high density cell foam around the inner edge

Professional SCAN knee pads inner cell foamThis is basically side protection for the knee. As the knee pads are secured, the cell foam edges close to encase the knee. The additional benefit of this type of inner edge foam is it helps stop the pad from rolling around the knee but should this happen momentarily, you will still have the protection of the cell foam. Brief contact with a solid surface can be very painful indeed and if there’s grit or god forbid a raised nail, this extra cell foam edge type of pad really comes into it’s own.

A GEL inner pad

A slipper for the knee! So you may have seen knee pads that are made from a hard one piece rubber or have a cloth inner with a leather front or similar. Do not skimp on cost and use these types of knee pads, they are rubbish! Without going down the road of sounding like a knee clinic, the knee is a very sensitive area of the body. You may know this already.

The idea with any knee pad is to take the pressure off the knee while preventing a solid surface coming into contact with it. Well, the SCAN Gel or any gel knee pad does just that. This brings me on nicely to the next point..

Large hard protective face (where the pad meets the ground)

Professional SCAN gel knee pads large protective faceThe large hard protective face of the SCAN pad serves two roles. The first is it stops nails, grit or any solid surface coming into direct contact with the knee. After spending three months (twice a week) in physiotherapy having ultra sound treatment on my knee cap after puncturing the fluid bag in one of my knees due to a substandard pad with no hard protective face layer, I can tell you from the heart that you should purchase a pad with this hard face! Trouser inserts or knee pads with a soft face just don’t cut the mustard in my opinion.

The second purpose of the hard protective face is grip and stability. As you can see in the picture, this particular hard protective face is designed with channels and three square forms to give stability at whatever position you may be kneeling at and the channels give a ninety degree edge for grip, so unlike some of the smooth faced pads that are great for swivelling on, these SCAN pads are less likely to slide from underneath you!

A word of caution! Hard protective face pads can still get damaged. When I say damaged I don’t mean shatter or split (Or any I’ve had haven’t). I mean the face can get lots of abuse and can become scarred, leaving it rough. This should be taken into account when kneeling on delicate surface coverings like for instance wood floors as the scarring can mark such surfaces. Especially well used knee pads.

Neoprene breathable lower strap

Professional SCAN gel knee pads lower strap close upKnee pads of this type can get sweaty. I’d rather have sweaty knees that painful knees, so that really isn’t a problem for me and is a common problem for all pads. They can get particularly hot and chaff around the strap areas where clothing is held tight against the skin. I’m not going to tell you that the SCAN Neoprene breathable lower strap is going to solve any issues with sweating as it doesn’t, but without a doubt, it certainly helps.

Something that isn’t mentioned in the marketing spiel is the fact that the velcro fixing of the lower strap is large. This is perfect! I’ve had many knee pads with small velcro fixing straps and they tear easily. All the pressure on the velcro is condensed to a small area when my upper calf expands as I kneel. With a larger velcro area, that pressure is dealt with. Longevity is the name of the game when spending money, so this addition is very welcome.

Elasticated and adjustable upper strap with a quick clip buckle

Professional SCAN gel knee pads clasp buckle close upThe adjustable upper strap and buckle is one of my favourite things about the SCAN pads. Other pads I’ve used have had a cheap plastic buckle that have snapped on many occasions! The SCAN pads buckle or clasp part of the strap is made from good quality plastic that is obvious to the touch. The elasticated material that it’s fastened too also stretches as I kneel, which takes the pressure off the clasp which gives it a hugely longer life, makes it far less restrictive and also keeps the knee pad in the correct position whatever I’m doing.

Another point I’d like to focus on is the button that the clasp fastens onto. With the SCAN pads this button is made from metal and sewn into the pad material very well. I’ve had so many pad buttons tear away from the main fabric or snap due to them being made from low grade plastic, rendering the knee pads useless, that this aspect and unmentioned part of the construction of the SCAN pads is vital. Who wants to waste money and how many of us would take knee pads back for a refund after three months, right?! Most say they would but rarely get round to it..

Cost – Currently as of 13th July 2013 £18.81 with FREE delivery! 

Bargain!! I’ve gone from spending £10 up to £50 on a pair of knee pads and not a single pair has given me such value as these and with FREE delivery from the supplier, and let me just add they arrived in three days, I just cannot grumble.


SCAN gel knee pads are extremely well made and are clearly put together with insight and a true knowledge of what’s involved when kneeling and how best to protect the knee. I don’t say that lightly as I’m picky and critical about my knee pads. Fifteen years spent daily on my knees has seen to that.

If you do a lot of kneeling, whether that be around the house or as a professional tradesmen (I probably don’t need to say this to the tradesmen), do not skimp on a good set of knee pads. They’re quick and easy to put on and take off, they do the job of giving you maximum protection and they’ll give you the confidence to take on them ground level tasks.

My SCAN gel knee pads are the first thing I put on when I get to a job and the last thing I take off! For £19, a very worth while investment!

Hit the link below if you’d like to grab a pair of these knee pads…

SCAN professional gel knee pads

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