Quick-Step 5 in 1 Incizo Profile Review

Quick-Step laminate flooring has an amazing reputation, but rarely talked about is the Quick-Step 5 in 1 Incizo profile. In this review you’ll get the raw insight from a professional installers perspective and I’ll also be comparing other door threshold bars against the Incizo..and believe me, I’ve got plenty to tell you..

Let’s begin with some information about this product..

  • Quick-Step 5 in 1 Incizo expansion profileDimensions – Length 2.15 metres (enough for two standard doorways) – Width 48 mm – Depth 13 mm
  • 5 in 1 – This means the profile can be used for five different floor transitions (see main review below for more details)
  • Manufacture – HDF core with strong laminate coating
  • Method of fixing – Separate fixing track
  • Name – Incizo profile which to clear any confusion is also generically referred to as a door bar

door threshold bar can seam like a pretty mundane thing to think about when looking at floor coverings, but they really make all the difference from an installation, cosmetic appearance and long lasting perspective. There’s nothing more horrific than a gorgeous laminate floor covering that is then decimated with an ugly and tacky door bar that’s falling to pieces after three weeks of use.

I’ve fitted thousands of door bars throughout the years from the cheapest to the most expensive and count myself as a connoisseur (don’t laugh) in this field and am absolutely passionate about a good door bar. This may seem a strange statement but there’s certain things in every trade that matter and door bars are one of them things for me.

There are many factors that make up a quality door bar that I always look for. These are colour match to the wood floor covering, surface finish and bond, strength in the method of fixing and lastly the quality of the core material. If any of these factor’s are missing it can be a little soul destroying as I’m fitting something that I just know isn’t going to last. Remember, I’m a professional installer so don’t always get a choice as to what I install.

Where and ‘where can’t’ Quick-Step’s Incizo profile be used?

Uses of an incizo profileQuick-Step’s 5 in 1 Incizo Profile as the name suggests can be used for five different doorway transitions 1) As an expansion profile, in other words laminate to laminate or laminate to a similar height solid surface i.e. Tiles  2) As a transition from laminate to vinyl or similar low lying floor covering 3) As a transition from laminate to carpet 4) As an end profile, a substitute for scotia beading or skirting also ideal for use around a fireplace 5) As a stair nose (see picture further down the page).

The Quick-Step Incizo can be used almost anywhere. Although Quick-Step state the Incizo profile is water resistant, I personally wouldn’t advise installing one at an immediate exterior door where there is no other adequate weather protection i.e. A porch or weather bar. Like any HDF or MDF product (water resistant or not), water will eventually swell and damage the profile.

What are the benefits of the Quick-Step’s Incizo profile?

Quick-Step Incizo being split The Quick-Step Incizo profile is packed with benefits and I’ll start with the ease of use. When you look at the picture of how the Incizo profile has to be split to suite your particular transition, it can look complicated, awkward and not as hardy as a lot of other singular piece door bars. That could not be further from the truth! The way it’s designed is simply ingenious. It’s one full profile ready to be made into whichever transition you need with the maximum of two easy cuts with the exquisitely designed blue cutting blade that comes with every Incizo profile. The blade also has an attached and handy sanding strip to neaten up the cut edge giving a perfect finish.

The common fixing track of most door bars is a real bugbear for me as a poorly designed and executed fixing track can be any installer’s (that includes diy’ers) nightmare. Poorly designed tracks can often damage the door bar and also not actually secure the bar in place. Then added adhesive is required to make sure the bar doesn’t irritatingly pop up and become a hazard. With the Quick-Step Incizo profile this is not the case. It works every time and with ease. The Incizo fits snugly into the plastic base track that comes supplied without a problem. If it doesn’t, then the installer is doing something wrong. The plastic used is of a very high grade and ‘gives’ to allow the Incizo to slot into it. Many other brands that are designed with a plastic base track are often made with a low grade plastic and are too brittle, resulting in a high percentage of such tracks splitting. If that’s from the offset, imagine what will happen after a foot battering!

Quick-Step Incizo’s are made to match all the laminate flooring colours in the Quick-Step range. This is a fine rarity in the industry. A good deal of manufacturers and suppliers offer no or an unacceptable choice to the customer and leave them having to find a colour matched profile from another supplier that best suites their new laminate flooring. The majority of the time leaving a bitter taste as the colour match is frequently not right.

The Incizo is easily cut to length, has a very discrete profile of around 4 mm (meaning they aren’t bulky and don’t sit high like other brands) and has an excellent surface coating. Don’t get me wrong, door bars are one of the most heavily used items in any home and no door bar is wear proof. However, I’ve seen Incizo profiles outlast every other door bars I’ve ever installed on a regular basis for over a decade. No I don’t work for Quick-Step, I’ve just installed their products for many many years and know them well.

Quick-Step 5 in 1 Incizo used as a stair nosingA huge benefit is the integration of a stair nose within the design of the Incizo. One may think this is slightly gimmicky and a kind of after thought. My simple answer to that is, no it is NOT. The transition from a stair tread to the Incizo nosing is seamless. When fitted correctly, they are absolutely amazing and really look the part. Please note, when using a 5 in 1 Incizo profile as a stair nose, you’ll need to purchase an additional aluminium base rail. The supplier will also ask you for the depth of your Quick-Step laminate as special inserts are also required and come included with the stair base rail.


How does the Quick-Step Incizo’s profile compare to similar door bars on the market?

Pergo door profile with additional sections to addThe only manufacturer that I’m aware of that produces similar type door bars to the Incizo is Pergo’s 4 in 1 profile. I was trained by Pergo and know a lot about the history of the company and quality of their products. They are the rolls royce of the laminate floor industry. Although the fixing track of the Pergo profiles is made from metal which exceeds the strength and quality of Quick-Step’s Incizo fixing track, the Pergo 4 in 1 is supplied in pre-split sections as opposed to Quick-Step’s complete Incizo. For me, this makes the Pergo 4 in 1 profile a little clumsy and with separate pieces to add rather than take away, by far not as strong as the Incizo profile. However, with the indestructible TitanX surface coating, the Pergo profile has the edge on wear resistance.

Combi door bar with fitting instructionsOne type of profile that I see more and more is the combi door bar. To briefly touch on the combi, in the picture to the left it looks relatively simple to use and certainly entices people, however in reality it is one horrendous piece of design and manufacture due to the over brittle HDF core, temperamental, impossible and weak design of the locking mechanism that belongs in the flooring industry scrap yard. Compared to the Incizo, it doesn’t even come close.

The negatives of Quick-Step’s Incizo profile!

Ranging between £30 to £40 for a 2.15 metre length at the time of this review, the Quick-Step Incizo profile is not the cheapest option. However, you will get two doorways out of a 2.15 metre length and a lot of single wood type door bars cost around £10 to £15 anyway, so in the great scheme of things, not to bad.

Some suppliers will cut the 2.15 metre length Incizo into a single doorway length. However, as the Incizo comes in a standard packaged 2.15 metre length, most suppliers will not give you that option. Hence, a lot of people who may only have one doorway will end up spending nearly £40 of which £20 worth of door bar will not be required. Fair enough, you’ll have a spare door bar but the option to buy a single doorway sized Incizo should be available in my opinion.

Once the incizo is cut with the supplied blue cutting blade the cut edge becomes sharp. This isn’t necessarily a negative as once installed the Incizo isn’t dangerous in any way. This is more a word of caution. Should you be installing the Incizo as a diy’er I would recommend wearing adequate protective gloves. When I say the edge becomes sharp, that is no exaggeration. After many cut fingers, I bring you that knowledge with painful experience.


A fine piece of design! A fine product to buy and simply strengthens what everyone knows about Quick-Step. An exceptional brand that like their range of laminate floors, the Incizo profile works and works well.

If you are considering a range of accessories, even if you for some strange reason aren’t considering Quick-Step for your laminate floor, you should still keep in mind their Incizo profile. Many of my clients have and are never let down with the Quick-Step 5 in 1 Incizo.

Now all you need is the Incizo. Click the button below to be taken to a main supplier and if you haven’t chosen your floor yet, it’s worth taking a look at what they have on offer.

Should you require a more detailed and visual installation guide, please watch this short clip below.

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