Quick-Step Exquisa Tivoli Travertine Review

Considering Quick-Step Exquisa Tivoli Travertine!  As a professional laminate installer for over 15 years, in this review I’ll be giving you the real pro’s and con’s of this laminate floor. Read on to find out the inside insight from someone that has and still does consistently fit laminate floors and gain a real professionals perspective..

Firstly, as with all my reviews, we’ll start of with the specs of this laminate floor :

  • Quick-Step Exquisa Trivoli Travertine close up micro bevelDimensions – Length 122.3 cm – Width – 40.8 cm – Depth – 0.8 cm/8 mm
  • 25 year domestic warranty with a lifetime locking system warranty. Also comes with a 5 year commercial warranty (all warranties apply to the first owner only)
  • Splash warranty
  • Micro bevel along all four edges of each plank/board
  • Full range of matching accessories are available including door plates, skirting and scotia beading
  • The new Uniclic Multifit locking system
  • Can be used over underfloor heating

That’s the catalogue jargon out of the way, now lets actually look at the Tivoli Travertine laminate..

Any Quick-Step laminate is always packaged impeccably with the Quick-Step brand and classic blue background and unique Quick-Step logo. They’re shouldn’t be any mistake you have a Quick-Step product. The 25 year warranty covers against ‘delamination’ and ‘reduced resistance in the wear layer’ as well as chips over 1 square cm under normal conditions. Start cleaning your new laminate with battery acid and you can expect it to last 5 minutes. Clean it using the correct cleaners and it will last a lifetime!

One thing that is rarely known or that’s made clear is the use of paraffin wax in the locking system of all Quick-Step laminate floors. This for me is a huge bonus and a sign of a well thought out product. What this means is a thin layer of paraffin wax is applied during it’s manufacture along each locking system and can be clearly seen or even scraped off with a finger nail. It acts as a lubricant, aids with the installation, adds to reducing creaks (although you shouldn’t have any!) and helps fight against locking system abrasion. All this may sound technical but believe me, laminate floors with paraffin wax applied are a cut above the rest just for that fact. Very few manufacturers in the laminate flooring industry use this incorporated method.

Quick-Step Trivoli Travertine in a lounge area with glass open doors

As with most laminate floors of a half decent quality, Trivoli Travertine won’t be marked by cigarette burns or fade in sun light. This floor has been around for a while and has stood the test of time! I’ve personally never had any complaints about the QS Trivoli laminate floor.

Before I move on to the next part of this review including who and where this laminate floor is best suited for and it’s negative sides, I have to say for the most part I love it. It has rarely let me down over the years. The quality control department at Quick-Step must be an elite crack team of specialist blemish spotters! On the few occasions I’ve found a damaged piece straight from the pack, I’ve always managed to use it within the installation. Compared to other brands (that will be named and shamed in future reviews!) that often have consistent flaws on opening the packaging, Quick-Steps good track record with me is in the very high percentage.

Who is this Trivoli Travertine laminate floor best suited for?

Well, the short answer to that is just about everyone. Even homes with lots a children, pets (Don’t quote me if your dog is the size of an elephant!) and/or where parties are a common occurrence, this laminate floor has serious impact resistance. Even if something heavy does get dropped and catches the floor in such a way as to leave a dent, it’s relatively straight forward to replace an individual board. In my opinion, this is one of the best factors when choosing a laminate floor. Mark carpet or sheet vinyl and it’s very difficult to carry out a repair that ends with the floor looking just as good as the day it was laid.

With Quick-Steps high impact and pressure resistant surface, it’ll even put up with high heels, so if your husband likes wearing them, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Where and ‘where can’t’ Quick-Step Tivoli Travertine be used?

Quick-Step Exquisa Trivoli Travertine laminate flooring in a busy kitchen coming dining room Tivoli Travertine or any of the Exquisa range of tile effect laminate floors for that matter can be used in most rooms in the home but are not guaranteed for rooms with a high humidity content i.e. Bathrooms or Saunas. I have to say, I’ve had customer’s over the years that have instructed me to install this laminate flooring in their bathrooms and I’ve not been called back once. Although, be aware that is no statement of guarantee!! I would however, strongly advise against attempting to install it in a Sauna or similar type room. The Tivoli laminate would absolutely not last very long in an environment like that.

I always advise my clients to seal the joins in areas they feel are going to be exposed to moisture. For instance around sink areas and back or front doors I would always install click seal in the joins. This is essentially a kind of wax which helps prevent water from soaking into and damaging the high density fibre core of the laminate floor. It doesn’t glue the laminate boards together and it is completely invisible to the eye. A highly recommended this product for any laminate floor installation.

The negatives of Quick-Step Trivoli Travertine!

Ok, on to the knitty gritty. A while back each Trivoli Travertine tile was produced as an individual board. This gave great authenticity to the style and effect. However, not so long ago, Quick-Step began to produce three tiles on one board in their Exquisa range. This isn’t a huge problem from the cosmetic appearance of the flooring as the micro bevel around the edges is still present across the middle of the two tiled board, keeping the look consistent. However, in some instances the installation can be a lot trickier. If you have a large room, you’ll probably find the three tiled boards are actually quicker to install, but if you have a small room with utilities i.e. A small downstairs toilet, you will find this flooring extremely difficult to work with. Each board is that big that a fiddly installation can be very hard work. The old singular tiled boards where far easier to work with. If you have such an area to do, I’d suggest you look to temporarily remove any obstructions to give you a clear run or find a competent installer (excuse the plug ;)).

Quick-Step have introduced a new multifit locking system into this Exquisa range. This essentially means, that on the short end of each plank, there is a narrow plastic clip that is supposed to aid the installation. Most of the time this is ok, but it can actually be a bit of a pain in the neck, especially if you have to remove the last board for whatever reason as this plastic clip can damage the opposing board when you try to disengage it. On long straight runs the multifit system is 95% of the time great and can make the installation fly. For me that 5% can slightly spoil the experience of this still exceptional laminate floor. Bring back my old locking system Quick-Step!!

Quick-Step Exquisa Trivoli Travertine close up of the micro bevelDirt catching in the micro bevelled join is also something to consider with this laminate floor. I know it’s generally one of the first things on peoples minds when considering it. If you have a busy household with others in the family that aren’t particularly interested in whether dirt grabs in the joins of your freshly cleaned floor, an alternative colour may be worth looking at. A Quick-Step laminate floor with flush edges as opposed to the bevelled type may be a better option.

Ok, now you know everything about Quick-Steps Trivoli Travertine and you’re close to making your mind up, it’s time to look at the cost. At this point I’m going to send you to a main supplier that can help you with this next stage. It’s time to click the button  below and zap over their right now.

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