Quick-Step Lagune Ship Deck Review

We have fitted Quick-Step lagune in many homes. Here I’ll be giving you an insight into the Quick-Step lagune laminate flooring from an installers point of view…

I’ll start by giving you a little information about the lagune range and then move into my own opinions about this laminate floor.

  • QS lagune specifications: 1 box = 12 planks = 1.656 m² Length: 138.05 cm – Width: 9.98 cm Thickness: 8 mm.
  • Bathroom floor – also suitable for use in other rooms.
  • Comes with an anti-slip rubber strip, which also helps with sealing the laminate joins.
  • Wide natural colour variation (light/dark) in each pack.
  • Comes in a range of five different colours at the time of writing this review.
  • A 25 year domestic wear and tear warranty and a 5 year commercial warranty.
  • Incorporates the uniclic locking system.
  • Can be laid over underfloor heating both water and electric.

Ok, that’s the specs out of the way, now let’s look at the floor and it’s practical uses. 

The laminate floor in a bathroom question?

Quick-Step lagune ship deck merbau in a bathroomIf you ever purchase a laminate floor for a room that is going to be subject to high humidity such as a bathroom or perhaps drying room etc do not be under the illusion that is can be used in the same manner as a swimming baths. That is to say laminate floors with a high density fibre board core, like all Quick-Step laminate floors, will swell if too much water is left on them. They are guaranteed for light splashes and room climates with high humidity contents. In relation to a laminate floor with a HDF core, any rooms that are subject to high humidity should be well ventilated to allow the humidity to escape, for instance after having a bath. This will prevent trapped moisture in the air from settling on your laminate floor when the temperature drops later on in the evening and damaging the it.

How easy is Quick-Step lagune ship deck to install?

QS Grey teak shipdeck in a bathroomThe lagune range consists of essential a two part system. The laminate boards and a black rubber compression strip. Now the compression strip has to be positioned into a pre machined slot in the laminate locking system. To position the compression strip into the locking mechanism and then lock the next board onto that can be a difficult task to get right. I’d class it as being extremely fiddly. Incorporate this task with cutting round obstacles like a toilet of pedestal and you have a very difficult job indeed. Now to add a third factor into the equation, to seal the joins of the Quick-Step lagune laminate and help prevent moisture from seeping into and swelling them we would apply a product called click guard or click seal to the locking system. This would have to be applied twice, for each side of the compression strip. At this point the installation becomes messy.

The one saving grace is the Quality of the Quick-Step unilin locking system. We’ll be talking about that later on..

So as a summary to the question of how easy it is to install, I’d say not easy at all.

How has Quick-Step lagune ship deck performed over the years?

In over 7 years of fitting Quick-Step lagune I’ve not been recalled back to a single job. Fitting this laminate in a lot of homes, I can confidently say it performs extremely well and is an exceptional floor for the task it is designed for.

Is Quick-Step lagune ship deck worth the money and why?

Quick-Step lagune is by far not the cheapest laminate on the market. However, considering the success rate and the satisfaction of our clients, I would recommend it as a bathroom floor, or any room with a high moisture content, to anyone that asked. It has to be said that the key to the longevity of any laminate floor is the quality of the installation, correct maintenance and usage. Lagune is no exception to this rule. Any floor can show signs of fatigue very quickly should the points mentioned be ignored.

How does Quick-Step lagune ship deck compare to other laminate floors we have installed?

Quick-Step ship deck laminate for bathrooms with incorporated bath panelQuick-Step lagune is by far one of the best laminate floors for bathrooms we have fitted. The quality control is excellent. The amount of poorly manufactured planks is extremely low compared to other brands on the market. Quick-Step have not built up the sort of reputation they have for nothing and we can independently vouch for that. The way the unilin locking system performs both from an installation and wear point of view is second to none. To give a little insight, once interlocked, it takes around 450 Nm of force to pull the planks directly apart. Other laminate floors we have fitted do not come close to that. I’ll refrain from naming such other brands, but keep an eye on my future reviews.

When the planks lock together, they lock together tight! A poorly machined alternative would display gaps from the offset. Quick-Step lagune and all QS laminates for that matter have never done this. The tighter the join between planks, the less likely hood they’ll be of moisture and dirt from damaging the locking system.

Moving on, the surface finish is exceptional. Other brands we’ve worked with often have a certain percentage of plank flaws such as mis-prints, pin holes, blemishes, chipped edges and general surface failures. The Quick-Step lagune plank fault rate is very low if at all. On the odd occasion and plank is faulty, 99.99% of the time  it can be used as an off cut elsewhere.


There’s a lot of hype around Quick-Step lagune being so good. Do not be sceptical about this. Fitting all sorts of different laminate floors over the years, I can absolutely guarantee it really is as good as they say. If I have a Quick-Step lagune installation coming up, I know it’ll be a tricky but always successful day with a smiling client at the end.

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