Quick-Steps Impressive 2016 – an installers perspective

Quick-Step has gone through some changes over the last few years. Not to mention the acquisition of Pergo by Unilin (Quick-Steps primary). Incorporating some of Pergo’s technologies into the mighty Unilin group. However, this isn’t an article by some office based business guru. It’s an article by an installer of Quick-Step products. So to speak, someone on the front line.

So what’s new? As if you didn’t guess..

Quick-Step are still running with their quality products such as Perspective, Largo, Elite etc, not to mention their formidable engineered wood ranges. As well as these unflinching staples that simply don’t skip a beat (which is well documented with there longevity and reputation), we now have two new highly water resistant laminates in the form of Quick-Step Impressive and Impressive Ultra. 8 mm and 12 mm thicknesses respectively.


How have the new Impressive ranges turned out at the final hurdle?

The Impressive name is well justified, it is indeed impressive. Quick-Step have stood fast with their use of the full Unilin locking system on the lengths and headers (short end) of each board. The lesser alternative being the G5 style of ‘drop down’ locking system on the headers. Something I’m more than happy about. The drop down lock being a little gimmicky with more moving parts than is necessary, with the use of a plastic fiddly insert. This may well all sound a little technical, so for the sake of keeping this article readable to the layman, you’ll have no problem fitting the new Impressive ranges with absolute ease. The full strength is there. If you don’t like the placement of a particular board, it can simply be taken out with no ensuing damage to the locking system. Something that is far trickier to do with its G5 counterparts.

The surface strength is nothing short of bullet proof. Okay, so in the world of common sense, everything has its limits, right? However, working in a tradesman’s environment when we’re installing these floors, we get to see just how much of a pounding these things can take. Simply put and from first hand experience, Impressive can take some seriously tough traffic as well as the aftermath of clumsy joiners!

IMU1853_03_1Quick-Step have added a distressed look to some of the Impressive products. Not quite content with the distressed look, they’ve also added depth to the distressed features of the boards. In other words, when you see a defined feature such as a split, mimicking natural aged timber, you can actually feel the split. The same goes for knots and blemishes that are consistent with real timber. Laminate has now come fully alive! You can’t quite beat real aged timber, but with that said, you also can’t beat an extremely good quality representation. Lets face it, the tree that would have been used to get this result is still standing!

There’s one negative point to the new ranges coming through. At this time, Quick-Step are only making nine (at my count) board prints. To explain further, the decorative surface of wood you see is actually a digitized picture or a print. It repeats, in the same way patterned wallpaper does. The lesser number of prints, the easier it is to pick up on matching boards once they’re on the floor. Don’t get me wrong, nine different prints isn’t bad. Many of the cheaper brands out there consistently only produce six prints, which is frankly disgraceful. There’s rumor on the grapevine that QS will be increasing the number of prints in the Impressive range within the next twelve months. However, if you’re reading this now, absolutely do not let this put you off. It’s something that is hard to spot. I’m just a bit of a geek.

Final thoughts

Now Quick-Step Impressive has been handed over to us, the installers, and with a little airing time under its belt, how does it stand up? Well, Quick-Step have kept up the legend with this truly impressive Impressive. Drawing from a recent job we’ve just finished, out of near 500 planks of Impressive spanning 130 square metres, we found zero faults. I’ll repeat that, “zero faults”. There aren’t many laminate flooring manufacturers that can match that!

It’s tough, it looks good, it fits well, and it has the best water resistance of a laminate floor to date. I really can’t add much more than that, apart from, enjoy your new floor!

So, what now? Well, you can take a look at Quick-Step Impressive by clicking here.

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  • JO

    Impressive or impressive ultra? What is the best and in what situations? When would ultra be a better choice?

  • Hi Jo,

    Good questions. I’ll try my best to answer them..

    The best, in terms or wear resistance, impact resistance, sound and feel would be Impressive Ultra. To expand on that, the initial main difference is the thickness. Impressive is 8 mm thick, and Impressive Ultra is 12 mm thick. This equates to a firmer feel under foot and a slightly more solid impact sound with the Ultra. Would you notice this difference if Impressive and Impressive Ultra weren’t placed side by side, I very much doubt that.

    The second main difference is their AC rating. Impressive comes with an AC rating of 32. This essentially means it’s been manufactured to withstand heavy domestic and light commercial traffic. The Impressive Ultra comes with an AC rating of 33. Manufactured to withstand heavy commercial traffic. I think from that, you’ll be able to answer your latter two questions.

    There may be other differences which escape me right now, but I believe the two mentioned above are pretty much the main differences.

    I hope that’s been of some help Jo.



  • JO

    Thanks Wes, that is great info. Quickstep also got in touch and confirmed Ultra is for commercial use really:

    The Impressive Ultra (12mm) range is manufactured specifically for Commercial Use. This flooring would be suitable for example in hotel lobbies and car showrooms were the Impressive (8mm) would not as it a domestic product.

    Both Impressive and Impressive Ultra carry a 25 year warranty for Domestic use but the Ultra carries a 10 year commercial warranty.

    Have just had “normal” quickstep in the past and it has been great so think domestic Impressive should do the job fine and save a few pennies 🙂

  • Excellent Jo.

    Thanks for posting the reply from Quick-Step too. I’m sure it’ll be extremely helpful for other readers. Again, thanks for the initial question. I think I’ll write a brief article based on it.

    I’m sure standard impressive will be fine. It truly is a cracking product. Coming from an installers point of view, do be sure to get the sub-floor right before laying and you’ll have a great investment there.

    Kind regards,


  • spudbynight

    I’ve been looking at this as an option for my home. I’ve also been looking at the Quick Step Perspective range. I can get both for about the same price.

    If you were looking at both alongside each other, which would you say was the better product?

  • Personally, I’d say the Impressive is better due to it’s water resistant properties and – with particular colour/effects – their deep natural grain features (Something that Perspective lacks).

    I do like Perspective and we’ve installed a huge amount of the stuff. From a technical point of view it’s Quick-Step through and through, faultless. However, the micro bevel of more current Quick-Step products, like Impressive, seems to be favoured over the larger bevel of the Perspective range by our clients and on a personal level I completely agree with them. The micro bevel being a little bit more subtle whilst still defining each individual board and less of a dirt catcher.

    I hope that’s of some help spudbynight (Cracking moniker)..



  • Barrie Taylor

    Hi there
    I run Bristol Wood Floors (Edit by Wes – http://bristolwoodfloors.com/) and whole heartedly agree with the comments , by Wes , regarding the quickstep Impressive.

  • Hi Barrie,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve added your website link to your post.



  • Hi Barrie,

    Thanks very much. It’s good to get some peer feedback to re-assure me, I’m making some kind of sense 🙂



  • Chloe

    Please could you let me know the best tools to cut laminate flooring. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Chloe,

    From a diy perspective, a ‘jigsaw’.



  • Hi Carolyn,

    Any 8 mm or above Quick-Step laminate will be well up to task, in my humble opinion.