Quickstep Exquisa Slate Dark Laminate Flooring Review

After recently installing Quick-Steps Exquisa Slate Dark, I thought it was worth sharing my experience with anyone considering this particular laminate floor covering. I’m going to give you some valuable insight into the Exquisa Slate Dark and hopefully make your decision process that much easier..

Lets start with the flooring specifications :

  • A picture taken in our clients kitchen prior to installing Quick-Step Exquisa Slate DarkDimensions – Length 122.3 cm – Width – 40.8 cm – Depth – 0.8 cm/8 mm
  • 25 year domestic warranty with a lifetime locking system warranty. Also comes with a 5 year commercial warranty (all warranties apply to the first owner only)
  • Splash warranty – Great for areas like kitchens
  • Micro bevel along all four edges of each plank and individual tile
  • Full range of matching accessories are available including door plates, skirting and scotia beading
  • The new Uniclic Multifit locking system
  • Can be used over underfloor heating

Ok, now we’ve got the fluff out of the way, lets look at this laminate flooring from a professional installers point of view.

I’m probably going to say this more than once in this review, you’ve been warned! Quick-Step laminate flooring of any range DOES NOT FAIL!! I’ve been installing Quick-Step for close to fourteen years now and to say Quick-Step has been the most consistent flooring I have ever installed is a complete understatement. When I have a Quick-Step job on, I know it’s going to be a good day.

A picture after the installation of Quick-Step Exquisa Dark Slate in our clients kitchenI know you’re here for the Exquisa Slate Dark review, but I struggle to get through any Quick-Step product review without making similar fleeting statements. Plus the reality is, I couldn’t care less if the flooring was Dark Slate, Travertine, Marsh Mellow or Pink in colour. I’m afraid, the colour is solely down to your tastes and theme of your room.

As an installer, all I care about is how the floor is going to install, do I have to keep a beady eye out for poor quality control, is the flooring going to lift or fail in any way due to sub-standard manufacture and is this flooring going to perform for my client. The only call I want from a past client, is one where they’re asking me to install Quick-Step in more rooms!

I can tell you, from my point of view, there’s nothing more awkward for me than telling a client that the laminate they’ve bought is going to last five minutes. Plus installing something that’s clearly sub-standard is pretty soul destroying. I can state now that I have never been put in that situation when installing a Quick-Step floor covering.

Perhaps an interior designer or clever marketing writer would spin some nice sentences together about how the Exquisa Slate Dark adds an authentic feel to any home and how the life time locking system will give you peace of mind.

A low level close up showing the raised surface texture of Quick-Steps Exquisa Slate DarkYea ok, all that might be true and it’s pretty obvious to see that a Dark Slate (I get the impression Slate Dark was printed wrong) laminate floor with a raised surface texture will give an authentic feel. As for offering a life time locking system guarantee, who on earth is going to be able to find there purchase receipt after twenty five years and will Quick-Step really be around then. Who knows! However, from someone that’s installed this stuff for near fourteen years and I’ve got the knees to prove it, not one of my Quick-Step installations has failed! Not one!

There’s one thing I’m a little dubious about. Not long ago Quick-Step brought in a drop down multifit locking system for the end joins of some of their laminate and engineered flooring. The Exquisa range is one of them. I’m not a huge fan of this method as I’ve seen and used it in other brands and it tends to be a little clunky when clicking the end joins together. When I say clunky, I mean not quite as consistent as standard locking systems.

However, putting my personal feelings aside and knowing that I’ve probably been put off the drop down style of locking system by other dodgy manufacturers, I have to say the Quick-Step multifit locking system hasn’t failed me yet. In fact, from a diy’ers and professional installers perspective it is actually a hell of a lot faster and easier to use that the older methods. If you’d like to familiarise yourself with the Quick-Step multifit locking system, watch the short video below.

As always, Quick-Step have included their incorporated paraffin wax along the Exquisa locking system lengths, which greatly aids an easy installation, helps prevent creaking and helps stop water ingress from effecting the Exquisa laminate flooring.

Finished kitchen fitted with Quick-Step Exquisa Slate DarkLook, I’ve probably missed loads out here, but I wanted to give you my thoughts on this laminate floor rather than some generic marketing spiel and I hope I’ve done that for you. I promised I’d say it more than once and I never break a promise! Quick-Step laminate flooring of any range DOES NOT FAIL!! (Disclaimer : Unless installed by a dodgy fitter)


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