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General inspection (A small deposit may apply) 

As with all of our installations, we never walk into a fitting without seeing the job before hand. It is extremely important for us to be aware of the individual aspects of a job before fitting as there are many factors involved with any wood based floor covering.

Picture showing a relative air humidity test being carried out.Relative air humidity : This is checked when we visit your property to assess the moisture content of the air. A stable moisture content of around 45 to 55% is ideal. If yours is any different, we can give advice on how to stabilise the relative air humidity and look to find the cause. It is in both our interests for the property to have the best climate possible. In some cases we may require a £30 deposit that will be deducted from the cost of an installation.

British standards compliant for testing relative humidity be expelled from a concrete sub-floor.Surface relative humidity : A surface relative humidity test can often be required. We have all the specialist equipment, conforming to British Standards, to carry this out. A revisit charge will apply. We are governed by our clients as to the degree of testing we carry out. However, should there be areas that we are concerned with, we reserve the right to insist on additional humidity checks prior to installing your new floor covering.

Direct moisture test test being carried out.Sub-floor inspection : Movement and moisture can be bad for any wood based floor covering. As part of our service, we test any relevant sub-floors for moisture and evenness. We work to a sub-floor moisture content of no more than 4% and an evenness of no more than 2 mm per linear meter. Should your floor fall outside of these ranges, we can give advice on the best way to resolve such issues.

A tape measure slightly out of focusMeasurements : On the day of inspection, we take all the relevant measurements as guided by you. With these measurements, we calculate the overall coverage of flooring required, including wastage, any scotia/trims, underlay, door bars and anything else that may be required for your particular installation. All this can either be discussed with you on the day or forwarded to you in writing/email.

wood floor acclimatizing in overlap stack formationPrior flooring storage : This is a commonly over looked and important part of the process. Different manufacturers and products require storing prior to installation in different ways. We can advise on the best place, way and environment to keep your wood to minimize any problems further down the line.


Full on site surveys for diy installers or tradesmen

(From £60 for a standard single visit within 15 miles radius of Manchester)
This service is designed to give total peace of mind. Should you wish to install a wood floor covering and not have the equipment to carry out a full comprehensive test of the room environment and surface conditions which are a critical aspect to installing any wood floor, we offer all the relevant tests using state of the art equipment. Do not chance spending all that money on a new wood floor for it to fail further down the line. The services we offer include (with optional additions depending on your requirements) :

A survey sign with a large red tick

  • Room relative humidity
  • Surface relative humidity using the British standards humidity box method for concrete sub-floors. Carried out over a 72 hour period. This falls under the comprehensive survey cost.
  • Direct surface moisture content.
  • Deep probe reading’s if required.
  • Sub-floor level check.
  • Advice on how to deal with moisture issues to prevent future problems, from natural drying techniques to sub-floor moisture suppression advice.
  • Correct wood floor acclimatization and storage advice.
  • Installation advice.

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Solid wood floor installation (From £20 per square metre)

Installing a solid wood floor.Fitting a solid wood floor can require different methods that suit a clients needs best. Prior to fitting and after a general inspection, you will be given an accurate quote as to the full installation.

Included within a standard solid wood installation, you would expect to receive a full sub-floor preparation, the undercutting of any fixed objects i.e. Door frames, correct installation to the particular manufacturers specifications (valid guarantee), an extremely high standard of finish, final finish of skirting or expansion beading and door threshold plates, followed by a complete basic clean of the rooms installed.

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Engineered wood floor glue free click installation (From £12 per square metre)

Engineered wood floor installed on a underlayEngineered floors can differ greatly. From direct glued systems (similar to a solid wood), pva glued systems (semi-permanent floating) and glue free click systems (non-permanent floating). The price of installation will always reflect the individual product you decide to have and the method of installation that best suits your needs.

Included within a standard engineered wood installation, you would expect to receive a full sub-floor preparation (additional costs may apply), the undercutting of any fixed objects i.e. Door frames, correct installation to the particular manufacturers specifications (valid guarantee), installation of the required underlay, an extremely high standard of finish. Final finish of skirting or expansion beading and door threshold plates, followed by a complete light clean of the rooms installed.

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Laminate floor installation (From £8 per square metre)

A laminate floor being installed.Laminate flooring generally costs around the same to install across the board. They are fitted as a non-fixed floating floor sat on top of an underlay.   Although qualities vary greatly, we are confident that the cost of an installation will always be around the same.

Included within a standard laminate floor installation, you would expect to receive a full sub-floor preparation (additional costs may apply), the undercutting of any fixed objects i.e. Door frames, correct installation to the particular manufacturers specifications (valid guarantee), installation of underlayment, an extremely high standard of finish, final finish of skirting or expansion beading and door threshold plates, followed by a complete clean of the rooms installed and of course a friendly smile.

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Sub-floor preparation

Self levelling compound being troweled Sub-floor preparation, like most work carried out is the absolute key to a good long lasting installation. Sometimes the cost of a sub-floor preparation would be included in our installation cost, other times additional charges will apply and can only be given on inspection of your property. Every sub-floor prep differs in labour and materials.

We cover all aspects, from installing liquid dpm’s, primers, smoothing compounds, floorboard levelling and ply board installations. We work to good solid specifications using products that are relevant to your particular installation.

Sub-floor preparation is a service we can also provide separately should your fitter, or if your floor is to be installed by yourself, wish a professional preparation to be carried out. We can work closely with other trades to help this process run smoothly. The cost of a separate sub-floor preparation would be discussed on site.

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Stair make over (£250 to £550)

Picture of stairs covered with Quick-Step laminate flooring.A stair make over in this website is described as fitting a wood based floor covering over an existing stair case i.e. Covering an old tired stair case or a new MDF constructed stair case. This can be a fantastic option as it can have a dramatic effect on the look of a property, when done right.

The cost of a complete stair make over can differ greatly as there are many shapes and types of stairs with there own characteristics, hence, an accurate price would only ever be given after a general inspection. As you will appreciate, some stairs are straight forward with a basic layout and some can twist and turn everywhere.

Included within a standard stair make over, you would expect to receive a full sub-stair preparation (additional costs may apply). To clarify on the preparation of sub-stairs, when a wood based floor covering is fitted, each original tread must be clean dry and free from contaminants. This is extremely important as each tread will be adhered to the original stairs. There may also be a need to pack each riser out to accommodate the new stair covering.

The finish will be to an extremely high standard.

It is important to note, that travelling up and down the stairs during and for a period afterwards can effect the fit. This is due to the curing time of the adhesive. It is advised that this should be taken into account when considering having a stair make over.

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Electric Underfloor heating installation

Engineered wood flooring fitted over an electric underfloor heating foil matt system.There are several types of electric underfloor heating systems and different installation techniques. They are all dependent on the type of floor covering you will be having and the room the heating will be installed in. We offer a full inspection and plotting of the required area. We highly recommend this as not measuring or calculating the amounts of heating correctly can be costly. Often the heating elements cannot be shortened and come in minimum widths so accurately assessing the area is vital.

Within any electric underfloor heating installation, a part P certificate is required for the electrical side of the installation. We can instruct our electrician to carry out the required commissioning of the heating system or if you have an electrician you regularly use that’s fine with us.

Whichever system you have decided on, we can install it. Included within the installation you would expect to receive a full sub-floor preparation and priming (if required), installation of heat reflection material, a three stage circuit check before, during and after installation so you’ll have confidence your heating will work, and if required we can install your final wood floor covering. We have a 100% success rate on all our installations.

Cost can vary as each electric heating system installation can differ greatly. Book a free visit to discuss your options.

Working with suppliers (FREE)

We endevour to work closely with suppliers to aid the complete and correct installation of your new floor. This is a key service that we offer as we find a lot of our customers are naturally not wood floor savvy. We make sure that all supplied accessories are compatible with your new floor.

Areas that often require attention can be when dealing with sub-floor preparation. Often a levelling compound may be used and adhesive compatibility is an obvious key point of consideration.

Time restraints of your particular installation may need to be considered when choosing a levelling compound and/or adhesive.

The finish is of most interest, hence, making sure your retailer is providing colour matched accessories and the correct quality is something we like to be involved with.

Ultimately we are working in your interests to make sure you’re getting the best standard possible, as this also reflects on us!

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Removal and disposal of original floor covering

We are often able to lift your old floating floor covering FREE of charge. However, recent minimum commercial disposal cost increases have dictated that we must charge for removing waste from your property. We often give our customers the choice to dispose of the waste themselves as this would be free of charge. The cost of waste disposal can range from £100 upwards. For smaller installation this may not apply and should be discussed on the day of general inspection.

For removal of fixed original floor covering i.e. ceramic tiles, additional charges may apply and again, should be discussed on the day of general inspection.

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Additional services available

Where necessary additional services can be provided and your particular requirements should be discussed with us on the day of general inspection. These may include services such as :

  • A man hand planing a doorDoor trimming to accommodate your new floor.
  • Architrave fitting.
  • Furniture juggling or temporary removal and re-installation.
  • Basic property maintenance. We are not a handyman service but are happy to give our time for areas in your home that may need some attention.
  • Practical on-site advice for diy installers.


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