Squeaky chipboard in a yoga studio

Probably one of the worst things you could imagine for a Yoga studio setting, squeaky chipboard flooring! Not exactly conducive to the path of spiritual development. We were recently asked by the owners of this newly renovated yoga studio in Nottingham, called movement4health, to help them rectify the problem squeaky chipboard, so their students could practice in peace. The only solution, as with many of our projects, was to completely replace the chipboard for plyboard. What an absolute success is was too…

squeaky-chipboard-in-a-yoga-studio-1As mentioned, this was a completely renovated Victorian building. From the offset it was clear the noise coming from the chipboard simply wouldn’t do. Isabel, one of the owners, had noted that squeaks and creaks coming from the chipboard as she walked around and instructed her students would be completely unacceptable. With humour, she thought it a little ironic for the nature of the classes. Sea of tranquility, it wasn’t..

chipboard-replacement-2After reading our articles, Isabel and Geoffrey, decided to get in touch to work out a solution to their problem. There’s no real secrets here, there’s no complicated strategies. The solution is extremely simple. Get the chipboard up and ship it off to the local tip for burning, get hold of some 18 mm or thicker (subject to joist spans) tongue & groove structural ply, a tonne of passivated screws, and a modified silane adhesive or acoustic sealant (to apply to the joists). Add a serious dose of hard work, sweat, cutting/screwing tools, and ability/skill to them ingredients. Leave to simmer for a day or so, and hey presto, you have one firm feeling and quiet sub-floor ready to accept any floor covering.

chipboard-replacement-8Of course, squeaks and creaks aren’t always solely down to the chipboard. For example, it can be due to moving stud wall fixings, hanger fixings, excessive joist deflection exacerbating the above etc (which can be addressed). However, more often than not, in fact more like 95% of the time, chipboard plays the biggest role with producing squeaks and creaks.

On final completion, Isabel and Geoffrey were over the moon with the results. After their new engineered wood floor has been installed, they’ll be able to offer the true yoga training and experience to their students, unhindered by a torturous unsettling chipboard floor.

If you find yourself in a similar position (excuse the pun), whether in your own home or work environment, feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote. The solution is here!

Alternatively, we now have a dedicated website dealing with squeaky floors nationwide. Call over and take a look at our example video’s to see what you can expect to receive…THE solution! www.squeakyfloorsolution.co.uk


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