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kitchen colour scheme advice

There are many ways to approach choosing your kitchen colour scheme, so let’s look at each one in turn. One of the major visual features of your kitchen is the splashback. This tends to be a fairly neutral colour, although

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Bolefloor ~ Available in the northwest!

Well it’s here!   The fabulous bolefloor has given Prestige Floor Studio in Altringham the revolutionary bolefloor to present to there adoring public. And why not? Prestige flooring studio is an exceptional environment to showcase this gorgeous wood floor. Bare

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Aquateo waterproof laminate floor has hit the market..

A brand new 100% wood effect floor has arrived. Aquateo!¬†Here we’ll look at Aquateo¬†and do a basic comparison with Aqua-Step.. As a direct competitor to the excellent Aqua-Step flooring, this new 100% water proof laminate floor has an absolute gigantic

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Quick-Step harvest oak review..

Last year we fitted a barn conversion out in Macclesfield with Quick-Step perspective harvest oak. Current wide spread thinking is that Quick-Step is the best laminate on the domestic market to date. Here we look at some of the reasons

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Bolefloor – Life is not a straight line.

Bolefloor – Life is not a straight line. That’s the Bolefloor slogan and that’s what they stand by. This is a short post showcasing a video of the manufacturing process..Enjoy!! Welcome to the new and exciting concept of bole floor.

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100% Water proof aqua step flooring..

Have you got one of them super busy households? Find it near impossible to babysit your floors, let alone the husband! Perhaps you have a commercial property that gets a ridiculous amount of un-wiped feet passing through the door. Well,

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