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The beauty of being an independent floor installer is the fact I get to fit so many different types and brands of flooring. I mainly deal with wood and laminates. On my radar this week came BerryAlloc ‘Warm Brown’ laminate tiles. It was supplied by Cheshire Tile Studio and we installed it in Sale, Manchester. Considering a BerryAlloc floor? Well read on for my thoughts on this particular tile laminate..

So we arrived at the job which was to install the ‘warm brown’ laminate in a hallway and conservatory..

First Impressions

BerryAlloc warm brown laminate tiles closeupWe split several packs of flooring – this is always done in anticipation as what we find from splitting the first packs will often dictate how the rest of the installation will go.

Each plank is an individual tile! Not one of the types that have two or three planks printed on a single board. I have a serious dislike for that type of design. Two or three tile prints on one board really annoys me and rarely ends with a nice result. I was extremely glad to see that Berry have adopted the single plank/board method of manufacture which I hope they stick with.

BerryAlloc warm brown laminate tiles and a footStraight away I noticed the quality of the surface texture (which I think is clear in the pictures you can see from our recent job). It was absolutely impeccable! When I open any pack of laminate, I’m looking for print defects, blemishes, miss-cuts, insects encased in the surface topping during the curing process etc etc. Anything like that must be discarded, which obviously gives us headaches if the laminate planks are full of them. In the case of this laminate we found zero surface defects in nearly 45 square metres of flooring! Yes, zero! I’m hypersensitive when I spot defects and often unwittingly let out a yelp followed by certain words that are banned before 9 O’clock on television. So trust me when I say, I found none. A very positive start.

BerryAlloc warm brown laminate tiles conservatoryIt was a slightly different story in relation to the core board material. It is made from the classic high density fibre board. I have to report that some of the planks locking system simply disintegrated in my fingers. There was no sign of external damage to the packaging so they must have left the factory like this. Don’t get me wrong, the faults were nowhere near catalysts to set my post watershed language off and indeed nothing that was really of concern. Simply removing the small amounts of damaged locking system with my fingers was enough to solve the problem. We’re talking at the most around an inch of material that was faulty at the edges which is not enough for the locking system to start loosing its integrity when the planks are locked together. In summary on this point; nothing to worry about.

After BerryAlloc warm brown laminate tilesNext step was to lock some boards together and gauge how they went together. The locking system is a basic drop in type on the lengths and the 5G drop down system on the short ends. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense to you now, all you need to know at this point is that it works and works well. Some manufacturers haven’t got the science of this locking system right which can cause real problems when installing the planks. However, BerryAlloc have got this right and every plank went together how they should; with ease, consistency, and an overwhelming sense of strength. The flooring didn’t fight us one bit and was in fact a pleasure to install. I’m not on commission by the way. I’m an independent installer and it makes no difference to me what I find. I’ll say it how it is!


Fantastic! I truly would and will endorse the BerryAlloc tile laminate flooring. You may pay a little extra for this floor but you’ll get your money back with longevity, look, and feel.

Make sure the standard of prep work is high and from over fifteen years experience, I can safely tell you that you’ll love this laminate floor from day one!

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