The benefits of Galleria Elite Golden Colonial engineered wood flooring

You’re likely here because you’re firmly in the daunting task of deciding which type of wood floor you should go for! Often it’s a confusing question to ask, solid wood or engineered? As soon as you start to look around, you’re quickly met with a million choices and convincing sales staff, as well as pages and pages of choice on the internet..Let’s boil this question down a little and give you some basics to digest and hopefully clear a path towards a final decision. Then it’s up to you to decide the colour, and that’s something I can’t help you with..

So, some basic differences between an engineered floor and solid wood in laymen’s terms and from a fitters perspective..

Engineered flooring is far more stable than a solid wood floor, FACT! That’s due to the core of an engineered wood floor being made from ply, which although still expands and contracts, does so at a lesser degree than a solid wood floor when the climate changes in a home environment. So if you have a home environment that you feel changes a lot, a good quality, and I do put emphasise on the word quality, engineered floor may be the better choice for you. If you’d just like to go belt and braces, then an engineered floor is the choice for you.

I hear some people say, but solid wood is the best. With the current standards of manufacture and the way engineered floors are put together, you really can’t tell the difference. Oh, and let me tell you, an engineered floor is solid wood…On the surface and generally with a 4 to 5 mm layer. Which brings me on to my next point..

Some people think that because an engineered floor only has a 4 to 5 mm real wood surface layer, that it can’t be sanded as much as a solid wood floor. Let me clear this myth up for you. The vast majority of solid wood floors currently on the market can only be sanded a limited number of times, a number similar to an engineered wood floor! Why?

Because currently the majority of solid wood floors are manufactured with a tongue and groove locking system to a similar specification as engineered floors. To explain further, the distance between the surface and the top of the tongue being around 6 mm. Hence, when a solid wood floor of this nature is sanded to just before the top of the tongue, that’s your lot! This gives you on average four  to five sands. A quality engineered floor can be sanded an average of around four times! Too close to call ay??!!

Another myth that seems to be bubbling, is that an engineered floor doesn’t sound as good as a solid wood when walked on. This myth is due to the explosion of floating engineered floors being produced. Where the latter statement would be correct. However, quality engineered floors like the one shown in the video below, are made to be glued down or nailed sound. The same as a solid wood floor. This being the main reason for a solid sound when walked on!

Have I mentioned the cost?? Well, I think you’ll be surprised and I’m afraid I’m going to let you explore that myth for yourself..

I hope I’ve cleared the decision path for you slightly and you’re one step closer to making a choice. Take a moment to watch the short video below, elegantly explaining the Galleria Elite Golden Colonial engineered flooring. I’m sure it will enlighten you..


Galleria Elite Golden Colonial Oak

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