Top 7 Benefits of an engineered wood floor

Nobody thought choosing a wood floor for a property would be hard work, but it is..It really is!! No doubting you’ve come up against one of the main options available to you, engineered wood flooring. As an installer of such floors, I’ve developed some pretty clear positive views and put seven of them together to give you an early heads up before you buy. No marketing fluff, just my hands on educated opinion. I truly hope it clears some of the haze for you..

So let’s begin..

What are the benefits of an engineered wood floor?

An example of an engineered wood floor constructed with a basic tongue and groove locking system that can be nailed to a sub-floor.That probably sounds a little cliche and echos your typical marketing fluff, but there is an absolute truth in those words. Obviously if you live on a mountain in the far reaches of the highlands, that statements isn’t likely to mean much as everything gets cold up there. However, in 90% of homes in the UK, you can often gain a great deal of insulation from an engineered wood floor. There’s also even the opportunity to have underfloor heating installed to increase that cosy feel, as most engineered wood flooring is fully compatible.

  • Natural look and feel of a real wood floor.

Years ago most engineered wood floors used to look, well, frankly like a cheap laminate. That is unless you were willing to take out a second mortgage. That really isn’t the case anymore. The manufacturers have really cottoned on to what people want. That being an authentic looking wood floor with the added benefits of an engineered structure (the next paragraph outlining one of the major benefits). Now you can get engineered flooring with a full grain structure on each individual board without a break. The look of most modern day engineered wood floors really has created a specific look and finish that is well sought after, and quite understandably!

  • Stability in altering climates.

Installing Novostrat comfort underlayBecause of their design and structure, engineered wood floors are one of the most stable types of wood flooring products you can buy. The secret ingredient being the cross layered ply core. This special ingredient essentially removing a large degree of worry that’s often associated when buying a solid wood floor. It’s fair to say engineered flooring is by no means waterproof, as it’s basic makeup is wood. However, should you have any concerns about your engineered floor falling to pieces at the first sign of a season change, well, don’t be!

  • Can be sanded and re-stained, lacquered or varnished.

In the same manner as a solid wood floor, an engineered floor can be refinished. In the interests of educating you, an engineered floor can and WILL get dented, scratched, and generally bashed. We call this ‘graceful aging’. Regardless of the species of wood that’s used, they will always be hit with natures cruel phenomenon. Like graceful aging, sometimes a little work is required to freshen up the exterior. In this context, and good sanding and re-varnishing/lacquering/oiling would be the order of the day and can often be done many times depending on the thickness of the top layer veneer surface. 4 to 5 mm veneer giving a healthy four to five sands.

  • Can be taken up and reused (subject to quality and it being a glue free glue click floor).

A certain type of engineered wood floor can be taken up, often with minimal fuss. This type  is commonly known as a ‘click’ or ‘glue free click’ engineered wood floor and relies on the floor being installed in a floating method. The main benefits to the capability of taking up this type of engineered floor being the ability to access an area below the floor if necessary or relatively easily replace a damaged board/plank. An obvious other benefit being the relocating of the floor in another room or property. Upcycling being the current trend, waste not want not. This re-use can still be attained with an engineered wood floor that’s glued to the sub-floor, although, this is far more of an arduous and time consuming task.

An engineered floor being floated on top of an underlay.Again, specifically using a glue free click engineered floor, as well as a pre-finished (meaning pre-stained, varnished, or oiled etc with no need for further treatments) . These type can be walked on instantly straight after installation. In our fast paced world, a massive benefit. As a side benefit, a pre-finished engineered floor negates the additional expense of needing to have the floor finished by the contractor.

  • Can be installed with minimal sub-floor preparation and across multiple sub-floor types.

Probably one of the main benefits of an engineered wood floor, again providing the installation method is ‘floating’, is the amount of preparation that isn’t required compared to a solid wood or any other floor that requires gluing down. It’s fair to say the flatter the sub-floor, the better the end results. Multiple sub-floor types like wood floorboards to concrete or chipboard to ashpalt etc, can cause some very expensive problems for any glued down installation. With a floating engineered wood floor – providing the transition between the two sub-floor types and indeed the sub-floors individually are flat – high expense and head scratching simply isn’t the case. Simply roll or place your underlay  and any associated vapour or moisture barrier across the two sub-floors and you’re away.


I’m sure there are more benefits than I’ve highlighted here and I as well as other readers would be interested in your thoughts. What do you like about your engineered wood floor? Leave your opinions in the comments section below..

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