Warmup electric underfloor heating..

Electric underfloor heating provides additional benefits than most heating used in the home. Here we look at what the benefits are based from our installation experience. 

From our experience of fitting underfloor heating, the time it can take to install is amazing. Within one day a complete ground floor can be fitted, depending on the amount of preparation of course. The systems are economical to run and because the ambient heat from the floor travels upwards, you actually get the impression that the room is warmer. If you think about the way hot air rises. From a radiator tucked away in a corner of a room, the warm air has a short spell were it travels outwards, then it starts on the journey upwards. This means the entire room has to fill with warmth from the top down. If your house has good air circulation, then this may not be as much of a problem, but particularly in the winter months, we naturally tend to keep our windows shut, which in itself hinders air circulation.

An installation of underfloor heating and Quick-Step white varnished oak laminate flooring.

With underfloor heating, you’ll warm up faster, use less energy and have the added bonus of cosy feet on a cold winters day. It comes ready to be installed under ceramic tiles, engineered wood, laminate flooring, lino, vinyl, carpet and anything else you can think of. Controlled by a wall mounted thermostat that can regulate the floor and room temperature with ease and just how you like. We installed a full apartment not long ago with the sole source of heat being the Warm up electric foil mat system. As seen here. We fitted a new Quick-Step white varnished oak straight over the top of the foil matting instead of installing an underlay to greatly increase the heat transference. This floor felt fantastic on the feet!

After the floor was fitted we replaced the skirting boards and you’d never know the difference. A word of caution. You must never screw into the floor! This may seem obvious but we feel it needs saying. If you ever pass your house on to someone else, make sure they know about the heating system. You may think, well of course they’ll know. Not if the house has radiators or another alternative heating method. If they believe that’s the only heating and charge in with a view to fitting bedroom furniture to the floor. This could result in tears.

If you are considering an electric underfloor heating system, we’re sure from our experience over the years that you’ll be more than happy with the results. In over ten years of fitting these systems, we have had zero complaints! Enjoy your new cosy feet!



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